In simple terms, the engine remanufacturing is the process of converting an engine used and worn in a motor as closely as possible to the new. Engine completely disassembles, cleans, is inspected, rectifying (in our industry rectify means re-maquinar), it is re-ensambla and is tested to ensure their quality and performance. All the parts that form the core or engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, heads, etc. they are thoroughly inspected, and its State is compared against the manufacturer’s original specifications. These parts undergo a grinding process under specifications that returned to the engine original equipment tolerances.

Parts subject to wear as bearings, rings, pistons and gaskets are replaced automatically. Finally, remanufactured engine is subject to various inspections and tests to verify its operation and compare it against normal standards of operation of a new engine. There is a big difference between Remanufacture and recycle, repair, rebuild, restore, and/or reconditioning. Recycle in our industry, generally applies to reuse a product that has been rescued from a vehicle in disuse, and resold with little or no added work; recycling does not reach the standards of the remanufacturing. Repair is an imprecise term that basically indicates that a product has been sufficiently reformed or arranged to do it that works. Rebuilding is reconditioning only those parts that are damaged by the cleaning, inspection and replacement of parts worn out or broken; the parts that are used again are accepted while they are within the wear limits indicated by the manufacturer.

A product repaired or rebuilt to perform or what one last new cannot be expected. Restore and recondition are terms that, in our industry, usually refer to classical or antique products. Remanufacture means any thing used in as closely as possible to the new convert. In the case of an engine, serve all parts and not only those that show visible damage. Parts subject to wear are automatically replaced. The core and the main elements are inspected in detail and compared against original equipment specifications to verify tolerances. Replacement parts are new, manufactured using processes similar to the original equipment. Quality tests are developed under specifications and original standards of the manufacturer. Inherently, the remanufacturing has an extraordinary impact on the environment. In the particular case of automobiles, the Association American of automobile manufacturers (American Automobile Manufacturers Association) in your main facts of the automobile companies in the United States report: the environment (Key Facts About America s Car Companies: The Environment), includes the remanufacturing as part of the life cycle of a car. The remanufacturing retrieves the value added to the product in its original manufacture. In fact, a study by the Massachusetts Institute of technology about the remanufacturing of automotive components, indicates that approximately 85% of the energy used in the manufacture of the original product, is preserved in the remanufactured product. Therefore, it regards the remanufacturing as the Supreme form of recycling.

Goltsova RSCU

For high achievements in education, science and social activities, young people become fellows of the President and Government of the Russian Federation, awarded the medal "The discovery and the pride of the university." In the world of science Formation and implementation of discoveries of scientific ideas by the guys in RSCU Student Academy of Social Sciences (CACHE). Young people take an active part in scientific conferences, competitions, round tables and youth forums. Annually organizes the CACHE students' science week under the auspices of Department of Social Sciences. In addition, students publish their articles in journals of high school, participate in international research projects and forums that are trained abroad. Their knowledge and experience they transmit highly qualified teachers – and doctoral candidates.

– Our University is one of the biggest innovation in universities, saves the high dynamics of development – says the rector Vasily Zhukov RSCU. – Currently implemented the most interesting research projects that promote the integration of science and social education University. Innovative development of teachers and university students are highly appreciated by experts at the prestigious Russian and international exhibitions and showrooms. Note that the only Russian exhibition scientific and technical creativity of youth "NTTM-2009" RSCU was once again declared the winner. For example, project students of psychology, social medicine and rehabilitation technologies AV Goltsova "Innovative Technology development of motor skills in children from the first days of life with gidroreabilitatsii "was awarded the Grant of the President of the Russian Federation.

Gold Medal and a medal awarded to projects NTTM "Natural The failure of the natural monument lake and its ecological rehabilitation measures' "(author – M. Yu Luponos, a student at the Pyatigorsk branch RSCU) and" rehabilitation center for children and adolescents exposed to domestic violence "(the author – student of social work, teaching and Juvenology KE Arashkevich). In addition, the diplomas have been received five first-degree diplomas and 5 of the second degree.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT

Uncompromising grip, exceptional durability and excellent abrasion resistance of the new Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 combines uncompromising grip and exceptional durability of winter tyres for heavy 4 x 4 SUVs. This robust winter tyres for heavy use don’t waver, but rolls safely and easily on smooth, icy roads and snow-covered areas. In addition to his outstanding grip, which is typical for Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyre, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2 surpasses its predecessors by its excellent abrasion resistance and its unique driving stability. His handle is reassuring even in extreme situations. This reliable winter tyre drives precise and predictable and balanced. He retains his precision and stability even under the most demanding conditions.

Tailor-made, strong and durable structure which is strong construction of this heavyweight professional optimized for the large wheel loads of SUVs, pickup light trucks and vans as well as for heavy Loads. His customized steel belt was strengthened especially in the shoulder area and contains about 60 percent more steel than normal car tires. The excellent durability of the LT2 is complemented by the extreme crack – and cut resistance of tread compound. Abrasion protection on the side walls increases its reliability. In addition to its robust structure this pure-bred newcomers of the Nokian Hakkapeliitta winter tyres family provides stable handling stable handling and grip reserves with the help of the aggressive tread pattern in the middle. The pronounced the optimized tread pattern siping improves the grip on snow”, explains product development manager Juha Pirhonen by Nokian tyres. Active, the wide grooves remove water and slush from the tyres and the road surface.

His massive long tread blocks, ranging from the Center to the side, improve the handling and stability on dry roads. The large number of tread blocks with sharp corners strengthens the snow grip of the tyre. Tread plates Activator speed up the functionality of the plates and guarantee as safe driving under rapidly changing conditions.


Extra melanin is produced by the body in response to sun exposure: it absorbs UV rays and allow them to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin, as it would be harmful. If you want to avoid skin discoloration, the first and most important thing to do is avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen. This way your body will not have to produce more melanin. Since melanin is accumulated in the top layer of the skin may want to consider skin lightening and peeling. There are several products that can be used for this purpose: Hydroquinone has been a very popular treatment, however, can irritate the skin.

Kojic acid, discovered in Japan in 1989, is a natural product derived from fungi (mushrooms). It is gentle on the skin and very effective in treating skin discoloration. Penetrate the upper layers of the skin, which inhibits the formation of pigment. Alpha-hydroxy acids a helping to clarify the old cells faster, therefore they will be useful. By removing outer skin cells, which tend to be darker, which will make your freckles or age spots lighter and less visible. If you decide to use any of the above products, extra sun protection is essential. If necessary, apply an SPF cream several times a day.

By using skin lighteners and peels, you affect the upper darker. Layers below are lighter, with less melanin present. If you do not protect your skin, it will launch its own defense mechanism to produce more melanin. This will lead to fading darker and more intense, which can be even more difficult to remove. Please remember that skin discoloration (excluding pregnancy mask which should disappear after delivery) require consistent treatment. Once you stop using lighteners and protection, the dark patches will be back. But not to continue with your skin regiment is difficult: all you need is a gentle yet effective clarifying, and a moisturizer with complete UV protection – against UVB and UVA rays. Natural remedies you can use: Wash your face with sour milk. Lactic acid will provide gentle peeling effect without irritating or drying the skin. Lemon juice is a time proven solution to combat freckles. It is not necessary to rub the skin with a piece of lemon. Applying the juice with your fingers will work. Fruit and vegetable masks (apricots, strawberries, cucumbers, currants). Mask of sour cream. Do not rinse the mask completely, just remove gently with a tissue, then apply a moisturizer. For oily skin – use lemon juice before applying the mask. Natural parsley juice (or parsley infusion) mixed with equal amounts of lemon juice, orange juice and red currant juice under your favorite cream will help keep your freckles invisible. Last but not least – increase your intake of vitamin C! It makes your skin less sensitive to the sun. Foods rich in vitamin C are citrus, apples, green onions, black and red currant, rosehip tea. Note that some types of skin discoloration are due to internal unrest. Poor liver function, hormonal or metabolism disorders, overactive thyroid can be the underlying reasons for the unpleasant aesthetic problems. If this is the case, start the treatment from the inside.

Association Creativity

As Fromm (1963) I would say the first phase is female, while the second, of hard work, is masculine. This is a common problem among creatives who rely too much on your right hemisphere and the left despise. With all this I give evidence that creativity needs everything the brain that is made manifest, not just a part. Another reason why creativity may not be used in a specific zone is because there are so many forms of creativity of intelligence. The psychologist Howard Gardner (1983,1993,1995) in his theory of multiple intelligences suggests that intelligence is not a unitary entity, but rather a collection of eight different intelligences. According to this perspective, people can be smart differently.

Therefore a musician would be intelligent differently to a writer and this would be an architect. Therefore, there would be multiple intelligences and each would be more gifted in one of them. Although I have my criticisms on this theory, I like to illustrate the case of creativity. As suggested by Gardner with intelligence, same thing happens with creativity, i.e., there is only one type of creativity. I, like Gardner, agree that there is only one type, but differ greatly in the number of them. Gardner gives us a number (eight) for then go to expand it as you are investigating, and sincerely I no longer know or where you are going. I do not commit such recklessness, in my view, and I will not give any, not fearing to be wrong in the issue, but because I am convinced that there are as many as the mind want and want.

If there is already a number we would be not talking about creativity. Creativity is thus reinvented itself and does not stop surprising us. Brain anywhere can be worthy of that spark, that Association of ideas, of that curiosity that is needed to ignite the creative fire. Any stimulus can be picked up by our senses, and we know that there is a distinct part in our brain to pick up those stimuli depending on our direction receiver. Finally, the most important reason of all. Here is where the expert breathe calm and the neophyte is surprised, but going beyond: creativity can not be found in the brain territory because it is simply not. And it is not that it is not for nothing in particular, it is not because creativity is not a thing material, is a clever way of thinking. And this makes us realize that being a smart way of thinking, cannot be reduced to a specific part, and therefore need whole brain in order to comply with the entire creative process.

Chief Medical Officer

Private medical treatment applies to the area of private health insurance since treatment coming from the field of private health insurance. Private supplementary insurance, we encounter this term. This special type of treatment was then divided into various classes. Today, one defines the private medical treatment by single or twin room or a chief physician treatment. Benefits of private medical treatment free choice of doctor free hospital choice single room, twin room examination and treatment by specialists or Chief legally insured and the possibilities of private medical treatment by the statutory health insurance (GKV) are only the medically necessary services to expect. Single or twin room or treatment by the Chief Medical Officer is usually not paid by the statutory health insurance. To cover the private medical treatment, required the legally insured private supplementary insurance or must pay for treatment out of pocket. Legally insured, the earn about the year working charge limit (JAE), can insure themselves in the private health insurance.

The prerequisite for this is that the earned insured for one year over the JAE. The solution for the good earner is a health insurance Exchange. A legally insured can apply for private medical services supplementary health insurance and their services with a private supplementary health insurance. Before an additional insurance makes a so-called latency must be met. Denture services, the wait time is usually 9 months before a service can be claimed. Also areas such as only dentures or twin room, and chief physician treatment can be completed separately. The insured person can freely make insurance coverage according to his financial circumstances. Improvements of the financial situation, more services can be integrated into the Treaty.

Internet Companies

Global add the global component, third great trend. Will we obtain someday our mortgage from Bank of China? Is Tata upcoming General Motors with its automobile of 1,600 euros? Emerging markets will be the protagonists. Technology will not serve local needs to give way to global services. Apple knows this very well: launched July 11 your iPhone 3 G in 22 countries simultaneously, until you reach 70 by end of year. In 2015, the geographical origin of the technology will be irrelevant, says Partha Iyengar, Vice President of Gartner. The r & d, innovation, employees, processes will be distributed among multiple countries.

Standardization with geographical diversity will be standardization. Servers and virtual data centers, today in shy takeoff, will generate additional models of purchase, management and delivery of software and services – basically by Internet. IBM, HP and Sun have dump in virtualization. Gartner goes beyond and is still committed to the importance of green technology. It is not just a matter of energy consumption.

The thrust of public opinion and legislation are already forcing companies to take measures, Sondergaard explains. Innovation what is the dividing line between success and failure? Innovation, the fifth piece. According to Gartner, only managers and companies with purely innovative DNA will manage to survive. Some of the technological advances that mutaran the sector until 2012 have not done more to start. The first, cloud computing, the turn towards the plataformasweb imposed by Google, Salesforce, and Amazon. Already trailing to an entire industry, with Microsoft, IBM, SAP and HP reacting. The second, use interfaces: digital paper, recognition of facial gestures and voice, keyboards virtual integration of switches in the clothes to control mobile devices and, above all, the universalization of the tactile. Microsoft pushes strong with its Surface, multi-touch, technology joining entertainment equipment.

Office Furniture

Why furniture for offices? In the upholstered furniture for your office or home office functionality is a soft element. Soft elements may be four categories of softness, and each category has specific indicators of softness. When restoring a soft elements should be borne in mind that furniture for the office or sitting lying is not permitted the formation of soft elements of sponge rubber latex without additional layer of flooring roll, seam-type material and batting vatilina than synthetic. The base of upholstered furniture for the office can be tough, flexible and resilient. For hard grounds include frame perforated panels and cables. Soft elements are springless and spring. Bes soft spring elements can be implemented on the bases and one without.

The base is usually made of rubber or woven textile belts, springs out of the "snake" or cylindrical rastyazhnyh springs. Soft springless items of upholstered furniture for the office can be mounted on the grounds or in a free state in the form of cushions or namatratsnikov. Unlike springless soft elements in most cases they are made with elastic or rigid foundations. When restoring a soft component may be a partial or complete replacement the familiar environment of the office. Sofas, sofa beds occur with or without armrests, with or without a backrest, with sectional or single element or seat back, as well as angular or curved shapes. Sofa beds in addition, characterized by further transformation of the various options and can have compartments for storage of linen. The base can be tough and resilient.

Under the soft elastic element refers to the base planking thickness of 40-50 mm uu Noah rigid base with 50mm thick flooring and more with a tufted cushion. Cushioned chairs with armrests can be without them, with a high waist and back. Chairs with woven seat, refer to tough. Article provided by the shop and school furniture, furniture for the office. We will hope that everyone who reads this article, emphasize to yourself that something useful.

Lifestyle Of A Millionaire

What and why we spend extra money? For what we pay the money coming to the grocery store? In most cases, we simply strive to satisfy your hunger, restore energy, and only in part – to enjoy delicacies. When buying clothes, we usually pursue more goals than just to protect themselves from the cold or hide the nakedness – we want to look beautiful. Choosing a Swiss watch, worth hundreds of times faster than ordinary representation, we say the society 'I am rich, successful and confident person, "and only occasionally glancing at the time. Swarmed by offers, David Karp is currently assessing future choices. Overpaying for the value of non-functional sense things or services, we are not so long ago. Literally some 20 years ago, all clothing was similar in appearance, all products were identical in taste, a 'luxury' was just sleep on weekends. Nothing more than we could ever dream of, since the proposal for something more luxurious than the shelves in the stores, it was a professional offense, and material resources, consumers only had enough 'from paycheck to paycheck. Read more here: Evergreen Capital Partners.

" But today we are more than compensate for past famines to diversity and partake of all that generous retail Gods showered us in exchange for our purchasing power. The so-called 'discretionary consumer market', in other words – 'luxury market', emerged in Russia after the post- exacerbation of social stratification on social classes of rich and poor. Poor economy offers to meet the basic needs of a wide choice of modest goods. The middle class is more free to choose, as a little better off and have access to credit the retail financial market.

Extract Maximum Benefit

Each of us, often, or not too, there are downtimes. This is when we can no longer do what they have done, but not yet started to do that together. Simply put it is the waiting time. At the station, in endless bureaucratic corridors, transport. And this time, especially when it summiruesh together, it will be very significant. Most bydlomanov holds him in cerebral masturbation, or staring blankly at the newspaper. How do know who will be next husband of Alla, or where the beast with Moses kissing passionately at the weekend.

Some much a smaller part, is trying to do something useful to include a laptop, or listening to recorded seminars on personal growth from their mobile phone. Everything is nice. , , . And besides, is not always the right time turns out to be handy book or MP-3 player. Even the sad fate of not wanting to waste your life, you will simply languish.

And this is not good. I want to offer you some simple and practical techniques that will help all aspects of your life take on new frontiers. To use them requires nothing more than wishes. But even if you are well equipped for such cases, it might be for you an excellent alternative. For those who do not want more useless, and even worse to their own detriment, wasting precious time, then all that I write in the next month is definitely for you. In my training I give a lot of things other than work, that's just for their application needs certain conditions. I also want to give you their personal secrets from a category "on the fly."