Chief Medical Officer

Private medical treatment applies to the area of private health insurance since treatment coming from the field of private health insurance. Private supplementary insurance, we encounter this term. This special type of treatment was then divided into various classes. Today, one defines the private medical treatment by single or twin room or a chief physician treatment. Benefits of private medical treatment free choice of doctor free hospital choice single room, twin room examination and treatment by specialists or Chief legally insured and the possibilities of private medical treatment by the statutory health insurance (GKV) are only the medically necessary services to expect. Single or twin room or treatment by the Chief Medical Officer is usually not paid by the statutory health insurance. To cover the private medical treatment, required the legally insured private supplementary insurance or must pay for treatment out of pocket. Legally insured, the earn about the year working charge limit (JAE), can insure themselves in the private health insurance.

The prerequisite for this is that the earned insured for one year over the JAE. The solution for the good earner is a health insurance Exchange. A legally insured can apply for private medical services supplementary health insurance and their services with a private supplementary health insurance. Before an additional insurance makes a so-called latency must be met. Denture services, the wait time is usually 9 months before a service can be claimed. Also areas such as only dentures or twin room, and chief physician treatment can be completed separately. The insured person can freely make insurance coverage according to his financial circumstances. Improvements of the financial situation, more services can be integrated into the Treaty.


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