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On the other hand the democratization of information technologies is a priority in this atmosphere of Egoverment, availability of access via computers, telecentres technologies are important, Telecenters (activity launched in Peru and which has spread in other countries). That is understood as e-Government the use of the technologies of information and communications (technology ICT) that perform the administrative bodies to improve the services and information offered to the citizens, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public management and substantially increase the transparency of the public sector, as well as the participation of the citizens. E-government emerges in this new economy where globalization, information technologies, the Internet and the knowledge flood the developing countries and are located in all places in homes, universities, business schools. E-Government aims to use information and Internet technologies to make more efficient the State that this mean that public enterprises, ministries are converted into E-ministerios, or ministries electronic reinventing their processes designed to meet the needs of the citizen who is the client who has to be satisfied, the times have to reduce them and costs also, the citizen has moved away from public service or go to the ministries to do paperwork, or public entities, by reason that simply today day we can take us both there is much bureaucracy there is much complexity. It is important that the State entities to be modernised and leverage information and Internet technologies as well as private enterprise, there are models such as business-to-business for example to interact by connecting two computers to buy or sell between two companies, as well as we have the business to the consumer when a supermarket offers a portal a Web page for consumer customer buy through it, or the interaction between two consumers, alike in the Government environment have the possibility of interacting under various modelsa model is from Government to Government, State companies that are interconnected to give a unique service surely then gives to the citizen through a portal link to other websites or Web pages, but the citizen from his Office from his home will be able to interact with the State to do paperwork, surely make payments or make purchaseson the other hand we have government citizen where the citizen makes formalities directly and the other case is of government companies, is important to this topic that required the modernization of the State in terms of reinvestment of the processes must change policies, you have to change procedures, need to change the information technologies.