Office Furniture

Why furniture for offices? In the upholstered furniture for your office or home office functionality is a soft element. Soft elements may be four categories of softness, and each category has specific indicators of softness. When restoring a soft elements should be borne in mind that furniture for the office or sitting lying is not permitted the formation of soft elements of sponge rubber latex without additional layer of flooring roll, seam-type material and batting vatilina than synthetic. The base of upholstered furniture for the office can be tough, flexible and resilient. For hard grounds include frame perforated panels and cables. Soft elements are springless and spring. Bes soft spring elements can be implemented on the bases and one without.

The base is usually made of rubber or woven textile belts, springs out of the "snake" or cylindrical rastyazhnyh springs. Soft springless items of upholstered furniture for the office can be mounted on the grounds or in a free state in the form of cushions or namatratsnikov. Unlike springless soft elements in most cases they are made with elastic or rigid foundations. When restoring a soft component may be a partial or complete replacement the familiar environment of the office. Sofas, sofa beds occur with or without armrests, with or without a backrest, with sectional or single element or seat back, as well as angular or curved shapes. Sofa beds in addition, characterized by further transformation of the various options and can have compartments for storage of linen. The base can be tough and resilient.

Under the soft elastic element refers to the base planking thickness of 40-50 mm uu Noah rigid base with 50mm thick flooring and more with a tufted cushion. Cushioned chairs with armrests can be without them, with a high waist and back. Chairs with woven seat, refer to tough. Article provided by the shop and school furniture, furniture for the office. We will hope that everyone who reads this article, emphasize to yourself that something useful.


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