Frankfurt Area

Special: This intermodal information users must no longer look on the website, but she gets automatically presents, where they are useful. Better inform the data collection tool HIM info of the HAFAS information manager HIM info, a Web-based content management system to capture and editing of timetable information, is part of the overall package, which provides the RMV HCon also with the latest functionality. Thus, line-not only, but also station-related messages can be captured, which are shown in the timetable and in the map view. Traffic information traffic information relating to public transport, are illustrated on the interactive map. Data that the RMV with HIM a maintains info itself is based.

You go with the mouse over the individual messages in the map, displays more detailed information about each traffic message. Widgets: Window to more of widgets are small Information programs that are installed with a separate window on the desktop. The RMV customers can set up Verkehrsmeldungs widgets on the screen of your PC, so that you always have up-to-date information at a glance a function that has realized HCon for the RMV as first customer. Timetable connection widgets are users to preinstall on the screen available. Line timetables as PDF as Print2Web solution provides the RMV its passengers now also a line timetable as a PDF available.

There, a complete roadmap for a selected line throughout the day can be downloaded as a PDF. In terms of design, function and ease of use we are optimally equipped for the future with our Internet timetable. Thus we offer our passengers”everything they expect from a modern passenger information, says Peter E. Vollmer, project manager at the RMV. The Rhein-Main – Verkehrsverbund (RMV), one of the largest public transport networks in Europe, organized through the RMV: and coordinates the regional passenger transport in its catchment area with its local partners. Approximately seven million people live in the area of the RMV, among others in the city of Frankfurt am Main and in the State capital of Wiesbaden. Without hesitation Angelina Jolie explained all about the problem. The Federation area covers approximately 14,000 km2 and that two-thirds of the State of Hesse. Together with the adjacent regions is the area to 20,000 km2. More than 660 million passengers transported 160 transport companies, which belong to the RMV. They ensure 33 regional railway line, nine S-Bahn lines and 943 bus lines, which hit 12,000 bus stops. The area of the Rhein-Main – Verkehrsverbund (RMV) covers 15 districts, 4 County-level cities, seven towns with special status, as well as 368 municipalities with 2,505 hamlets. Around six million people live in the area. Carried out about two million rides on an average working day.

Archaeological Committee

Kerkinitida Where the Greeks lived at the end of vi – V centuries early. bc in place of the modern Greek colony originated Evpatoria Kerkinitida. Mention of it found in the writings of ancient authors Hecataeus Miletus, Herodotus, Pliny, Flavia, but there is no clarity on the exact location of the policy. For many years, various scholars have spent searching for the colony. Laurels discoverer Kirkinitida members belong Archaeological Committee, Head excavations Chersonese L. Moses, who on the basis of these in Evpatoria in the period from 1916 to 1918 excavations showed the location of the ancient Kirkinitida to Quarantine cape. City coin Territory policy was about 7 hectares with a population of up to 2 thousand.

Over V and the first half of iv century bc Kerkinitida was an independent policy of its rural counties – horoy. The composition of choirs were also discovered by archaeologists in During the excavation of the settlements have Moinakskoye lake and the strengthening of seagull. County residents and policy engaged in lively maritime trade, engaged in farming, cattle breeding, wine making, fishing, pottery, kamenotesnym, carving crafts, salt extraction. Masons were so skillfully that the construction of houses is not required fastening solutions. During its peak in mid-IV century bc Kerkinitida minted its own coins. Raids Scythians in the second half of iv century bc Kerkinitida, as well as other policies of Western Tauris, falls under the power garnered by the city-state of Chersonese. Consolidation of all Greeks regardless of their tribal divisions contributed to a continuous increase in the threat posed by the Scythians.


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Linda Feller – successful combination of country, pop & pop and as clever as true text. 28 Years ago, the unique career of a singer, which since then is no longer indispensable from the German Countryszene. Under the leadership of Hartmut Schulze – Gerlach, Linda Feller 1984 produced their first title. With her song “First love”, she appeared for the first time as a guest of the television show “Springboard” into the limelight. As “DA CAPO winner” this show she managed that to convince the audience of her distinctive voice and to set the groundwork for their musical career. With the inclusion of the track “AppleJack” in 1985, she had her biggest hit and her rising popularity as a County singer was hereby guaranteed. It was followed by more TV appearances, the success track “Tears you betrayed” and with the invitation as a guest star in the country – Festival in Kloten/Switzerland 1988, her international breakthrough. Additional information is available at Bausch & Lomb. Their successful combination of country, pop & pop, as clever as real text, or you unmistakable sound, you guarantee not only a broad and loyal audience, but let them look back to a music library from a total of 35 CDs.

The first singer she was allowed to accept 1992 awarded the prize “Singer of the year”, by the “German American Federation of Country music” (GACMF). She received this award in the year 2000 to the second, in 2001 to the third, in 2002 to the fourth quarter and in 2004 for the fifth time. In the years 2005 and 2006 two more GACMF most successful singer followed prices”(determined by media control). Her greatest success ever was the personal invitation from the “mother church of country music”, the “GRAND ole Opry” in Nashville, Tennessee. She combined with her almost legendary appearance their TV broadcast “COUNTRY heart – once Nashville & back”, which was produced in Nashville, Tennessee, and Linda’s fans thus offered insight into the American country music.

The success of this show was the “GACMF” is not so sensational that it came today 33 times to broadcasting and, as until now unique highlight, is escaped. This Federation honored Linda “Most successful COUNTRYSENDUNG” in 1999 with the price. This event cast its shadow ahead and Linda produced a second TV show “when uBERAUPT…”. With guests such as: “TRUCK STOP” or also BURKHARD BROZART presented German country music at its finest. The Petite woman, who joins as a real bundle of energy, not just American country music skillfully with sophisticated entertainment music at numerous festivals, but convinced on their so far 8 own tours of their own interpretation of their German songs in the Countryfeeling, her audience again and again to the new. With their record, Palm records”, she is currently working on her new album, which will be released in 2013. In any case, Linda is versatile, refreshing and stimulating, entertaining and high quality in their concerts, and one man has her Shh no longer want to miss. All successes on the stage of this world Linda is always one remained – a natural woman, full of zest for life and free from any Star. And who She once at a live concert has experienced, understands the enthusiasm that it throws everywhere. Source: Office of Linda Feller more information and contact details see and linda.feller.

Managing Director

Value of the newly inserted mineral extraction rights multiplied first funding revenues already soon Stuttgart, 01.06.2011. Independent experts confirm the initial assessment of the specialists of the energy capital invest only a few days after successful vertical hole: the Stuttgart-based energy company has with the oil aid Leon County once again a direct hit landed. Already the first evaluation by our specialists on the ground let suspect that has found support layer of Leon 1 extraordinary potential”, so Kay Rieck, Managing Director of energy capital invest. Now conducted evaluation of the log-in data shows that found oil funding, the layer is much bigger and more productive than originally expected and that the funding results as well as the raw material reservoirs of Leon 1 clearly on calculating the US oil and gas Fund X KG. Funding results were originally daily calculation for Leon 1 of 200 barrels of oil costing-based oil prices of $ 60 per barrel basis. That the first assessment of our specialists has been confirmed also by independent experts, of course very pleased.

Especially, because more holes in the same geological formation as the Leon 1 Leon County are planned and already charged”, so Rieck next. The rapid evaluation of the log-in data was possible because for the hole by Leon 1 a completely new procedure was applied, where already during drilling additional information is collected. Now carried out evaluating the log-in, the safety potential of US oil and gas Fund X KG has risen since the exploration results expected as well as the raw material reservoirs have already multiplied the value of mineral extraction rights. The sales and prices of recent weeks show that Leon County is one of the Erdolhotspots in Texas, while also impressively. To secure the access to this highly attractive region, have the largest player in the US energy market to invest in the promising aid. Due to also continue to huge demand and associated placement speed the management of energy capital invest assumes that a participation in the US only a short time should be possible oil and gas Fund X KG.


During the winter months, they have the potholes boom especially in the winter months they have boom the potholes on our roads. In the last weeks of the year 2010 you could often read and hear that the major automotive clubs due to the extreme volatility of winter temperatures in winter 2010/2011 as compared to the previous years again forecast an increase of potholes. Often these cannot promptly eliminated due to the ailing budgets of federal, State and municipal. But who is liable for the damages incurred by such potholes? This article focuses on this. 1 there are being and legal bases by potholes to damage the property of road users (car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) or is even the physical integrity is affected by an accident, come from the principle of compensation claims against the holder of the respective road load into account.

This would be due to violation of traffic safety duties to the replacement of the resulting from the accident resulting damage as well committed, such as the payment of an appropriate redress, if road users as a result of injuries. 2. always differentiation circular / land / federal highways and private parking is crucial for the question of the scope of the required traffic duty, whether and to what extent any road damage are predictable. Simplified can be as far as to say that more must be expected on county roads with road damage as on motorways. The intensity of the traffic duty increases, higher-quality is a road.

Is a pothole on the parking of a business, E.g. traffic duty meets the holder. 3. compliance with the traffic duty by reference even if the responsible entity of a road damage becomes aware, she must be immediately required to eliminate these. Namely, there is not an obligation to establish an absolute security. Is due to only one with reasonable Means to reach road quality, as is requested by the road users a customized use of the road conditions. The mounting or erecting warning signs and warning by the carrier of the burden of road construction can already meet therefore in some cases, to meet the traffic duty. Here caution is, however, in so far as a blanket reference to corresponding signs alone or a limitation of liability. But always the form and the actual situation of the respective road damage is crucial. The less it is possible for the participants in the road despite appropriate notice at all, to avoid damage by adapted driving style, the more indications that attach a warning label is not sufficient. But also a shared liability remains always conceivable, if the traffic participant with nonconformist speed on the road is. Dr.

Jorg Bausch

The video was filmed in the desert of Dubai recently. There follow nothing for weak nerves”and the Lady is all gaga” and then you go for Jorg Marjan & Luke in the dressing room and the newcomers of the song baby up on the stage. “The hit Duo by farmer entertainment thrilled with three songs and then renders the landlord” the Mike in his hand. “” The starts in new outfit with he sits on my sound “right through and announces the following song with the words sings you all so great, this is great cinema” on. Angelina Jolie: the source for more info. Added: you can you now let’s rest! “.” But already, his impish smile reveals that Bausch probably itself does not believe that. Rather, the sympathetic singer has a small break and can protect the vocal cords. “Because from thousands of throats his big cinema sound now.” “Also the Lighthouse” represents”the enthusiastic audience with him not only in the city, but in the middle of the arena Oberhausen and after all everything is common ideal” the new Bausch-style dance have, there’s Party again pure and even a new music video on the big screens. Jorg Bausch has many cotton candy booth” Years written and finally for his current album best of total sample bags”even recorded.

“Of course, a round may fly at a Jorg Bausch-solo concert, that there is after all, only once a year not to be missed and on his command, thousands of arms during this flight fly” from left right and Bausch even lands in connecting directly to the high-gloss, black concert grand piano. Also his unplugged session is already a tradition and was the highlight of the concert evening. He is the big final chord during the flight”this time namely without bass & co. At the piano, he plays the chorus again and the lighters and sparklers are unpacked in the Hall. The mood for great cinema”- and there’s also once again in full length! The fans just can’t get enough of Jorg Bausch live at the piano and sing the chorus again. 23 Songs and many entertaining presentations by the artist himself, there are alive with pleasure”is still an encore. But, That was still not Grand Finale! Everyone brings Bausch at the large end again on the stage where he to the sound of I’m with you”finally also the second big surprise this evening reveals: on 5 April 2014 it comes back around in the arena Oberhausen. Then would I be bag you all again”, he calls. “The neverending applause of enthusiastic fans suggested that Bausch already baited over 5,000 visitors this Saturday night with a nearly three-hour show for his seventh solo concert on 5 April 2014, because it left the arena, no one probably not total sample bags” was. New Edition wanted!

Wolfgang Ziegler & Sabrina – Nice To See

“The new single by Wolfgang Ziegler & Sabrina – nice to see you nice to see you” is a guaranteed sensation of the year 2013. “” Much is known of the life of the charismatic rock and pop musician Wolfgang Ziegler: we be living with the group “, the way to the solo artist, who condemned his country-wide hit!” brought forth and also his private life with three marriages was not kept secret in the press. After so long in the show industry one might suspect: it’s all said. Not so with Wolfgang Ziegler, who had tried a major part of his life despite media curiosity to keep in private. Read additional details here: Dropbox. But things change in life, this is what happened, as Wolfgang Ziegler 2012 his daughter by his second wife after 13 years of silence on stage in the casting show the voice themed so far not in the public domain”saw. The proverb combines music”was the keyword and again brought together both after years of silence. Not only he, they too can look back on a music career, she was so “” Founding member of the successful pop band Samajona “and provided in the live shows of the voice” for attention. The decision to include a common single became an affair of the heart.

And in the double sense: the title was recorded by Wolfgang Ziegler and his son of Martin de Vries and produced. The result can be seen: the great musically arranged song grooves from the first to the last second, combines the very distinctive voice of Wolfgang of Ziegler’s the crystal-clear voice of his daughter Sabrina and tells the emotional world of father and daughter found after the first meeting after a fourteen year break very authentic. With this Duet, both musicians give much about price and you feel that. The song is the real thing”and condensed round after round to an ode to an important guiding motto it never is late for changes”. Note: In June 2013, the anniversary is “best of” album by Wolfgang Ziegler. Source: franel / Franca Barthel more info: Press contact: Franca Barthel / franel press and online promotion Web site: email:

LARA Bianca Fuchs – With The Arms Of A Woman

LARA Bianca Fuchs released her new single in her latest musical acts and fights it with the arms of a woman: LARA Bianca Fuchs. After the releases “I’m looking for the man’s life”, “Is it love?” and “Mi amor why you have to go”, is the current song now the fourth single release from her in 2011, CD-album: “Together, not lonely”. The inclined listeners of the new songs already in the first few seconds is welcomed by LARA Bianca clearly and graphically with the words: “with the arms of a woman, I raub’ mind you now. And any chance I get. You never get rid of me”. And the viewer of the single cover is tuned well on the track and rewarded with a delicious sight on an attractive woman without being tasteless. Sex sells, and that in the most positive sense.

Because the singer can afford to be seen with optical stimuli and to score points. All cultivated and suitable to the song. The native Austrian works since their fifth album with the successful Munich author and producer team, Norbert Beyerl and Werner students together, that you write the songs on the beautiful body. And for the vocal recordings LARA exchanges their Austrian homeland against the Bavarian metropolis of the country Bianca Fuchs on a regular basis, together with the boys in the Daxhill Studio the songs to work on. She wrote the text for “With the arms of a woman”. She know what she sings. And remains completely with LARA Bianca in times in which meaningful or meaningless distasteful mixing between the sexes is discussed, and reaffirmed their title confident: “my close is addictive…

Very brash and unashamedly I’m ran now you… I’m very good at this game”. We want LARA Bianca Fuchs much success with this song!