The Far Side

6 Hipopotomonstrosesquipedaliofobia anecdotally, this word defines persons who have an irrational fear of long words, so I gather that they are complicated to mention your phobia.The origin of the word comes from the Greek, where Hipopoto – means big, monstro-monstrous and sesquipedali-word derived from the latin, meaning large. It is also called sesquipedaliofobia. The word is used for the first time in one of the episodes of Brainiac 5 (DC Comics). 7 Alektorofobia this phobia describes people with a terrifying fear of chickens, hens or other poultry.Randy Hickey in the series my name is Earl, suffer this phobia. 8 Technophobia the technophobia is an intense and unjustified fear technology. The films where there are post-apocalyptic scenarios (technologically speaking), Terminator, Matrix or Wall-E type tend to be a source of terror for people suffering from this phobia.Elton John has acknowledged occasionally having technophobia, more specifically in relation to mobile phones. 9 Anoraknofobia this phobia, represents the irrational fear of spiders appearing in jackets. the use or not use? I use it or not use it? The term is used for the first time in the book Anoraknofobia of Wallace and Gromit, of Marillion.

10 Triskaidekaphobia the triskaidekaphobia is a frustrating fear the number 13. Around this number there has always been controversy, since it is one of the numbers that provoke bad feelings superstitious people. However, this phobia goes a little beyond. Some related phobias could be the paraskevedekatriafobia, which represents fear Friday 13 (not, phobia to the film not, although it should) or the Friday, which represents fear Tuesday 13 (not, phobia to the comedy group no, although it should). 11 Laloginefobia the laloginefobia is a mixture of fear and the fear of speaking in public (lalofobia or laliofobia) to speak with beautiful women (ginefobia or caliginefobia).The shy Raj, Big Bang Theory Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali, one of the characters of Big Bang Theory, has this phobia and cannot speak in the presence of women. 12 Lupolipafobia this type of phobia is defined as the fear of being persecuted by a werewolf around a kitchen table while walking in socks and the floor is waxed. Once again, as no, this phobia appears by first time in the work of Gary Larson, The Far Side.

Scanpoint Germany GmbH

Peter Fischer is international expansion support Hamburg, the 07.02.12 – the scan service providers ALPHA COM hired Peter Fischer as partner Manager. The longtime expert on document management to push forward the international expansion, overarching projects accompany site and expand the existing network of partners. Peter Fischer, the nationwide represented ALPHA COM Germany GmbH commits a recognized maker of the industry. Since January, he acts as partner Manager with extensive expertise as a member of the Executive Board. He is responsible for the partner network, control the regional partner Manager and push the planned expansion from the headquarters in Hamburg. 30 new partnerships are aiming for 2012, nationally and internationally”, explains the new ALPHA COM colleague. “Through such cooperation, the spectrum to expand considerably, which one from a hand” can offer. This will be profitable for both sides.

We expect a sales increase of 30 percent.” Peter Fischer can on a 25-year Experience in the document management look back. He was a recognized size in the industry, and continuously on a growth course such as production manager and authorized officer of Scanpoint Germany GmbH and as a consultant with Ratiodata accompanying IT solutions and Services GmbH. expansion course ALPHA is COM. Which competitors can say that? Since there are”many exciting tasks, is pleased the new partner Manager. So, he will take over the coordination of future locations in the DACH region, which plans of the service providers. Also Peter Fischer to supervise site overarching projects like the automated processing of incoming invoices or the current ALPHA COM cloud services. These include scanning & editing of business operations to dynamically customize the customer needs. Several sites in the network are active, which ensures short distances and high capacities.


Who among us has not wondered where we can in a particular city to get not only the pleasure of eating, but also the high level of service, pleasant atmosphere, listening to delight in this 'music'. Oh yes, and to this restaurant or cafes were in walking distance. Yes, and a gorgeous view … This article focuses on the five restaurants of Yalta, which will be evaluated on five criteria: food, service, location, music and money. By the way: Restaurant (from Fr. Restaurant – restaurant) – catering business with a wide range of dishes complicated preparation, including custom and branded, wine and spirits, tobacco and confectionery products, increased levels of service in conjunction with recreation.

Cafe (from Fr. Cafe; literally – "the place where they drink coffee") – catering and leisure, like a small restaurant, but with limited compared with restaurant range of products. So, the first confident restaurant occupies a 'Van Gogh' by Massandra beach in Yalta. 1. Restaurant 'Van Gogh' – a place where you will enjoy the quality of cooking, a high-level obsuzhivaniya 'not in Yalta', from the wonderful sea view and fresh air, music, jazz, soft jazz, lounge, bossanova … And the prices make you pleasantly surprised! The only nuance Dining 'Van Gogh' is its seasonal work – from May to September. 2. Restaurant Frida ', occupying second place in our rankings, will offer dishes of haute cuisine – Haute Cuisine (that is, the ability to cook well, elevated to the rank of true art.) The quality and freshness of the product, original recipe, the art of cooking, visual appeal and ability to dish it beautifully presented – it's what you see on your plate at the restaurant 'Frida'. Moreover, the restaurant manager will choose for you a good wine and dessert, as well as tell some interesting fact about food or wine. A warm and friendly atmosphere and excellent service will be completely in the whole to enjoy a meal.

Louis Victor Prince

The Bioresonance is a procedure of diagnostic and treatment developed in the 1970s by two Germans, the physician Dr. Morell and engineer Raschel; Hence, the first devices in honor of the initials of their surnames were known as teams Mora. Over the years the technology has allowed to develop instrumental increasingly more sophisticated until reaching the current Optima Bicom the more modern in its class in the world. Technological evolution has enabled medicine explore fields increasingly more precise and fine; What in the middle ages there were assumptions have given way to reliable and accurate study of the human body, its organs structures and functions; the cells; the DNA as the carrier of genetic information; the genes; as well as learn about viruses and bacteria; toxins etc etc when talking about DNA imagined a large molecule; the molecules are constituted at least by two atoms and these constitute the part more small and indivisible matter. Although we belong to this biomolecular world seems logical to suppose that medical research especially in what regards to chronic diseases require going beyond this plane biochemical to find answers. QUANTUM physics: deals with the properties of the particles more small (subatomic) atom and posits a dual aspect of the matter; on the one hand as a particle and the other as radiation (Nobel Prize in physics 1929 Louis Victor Prince de Broglie) PHOTONS: constitute the cornerstone of electromagnetic radiation; they are small particles of light (how many) that moved to 300000 km/sec… INTERCELLULAR communication: in these last 20 years researchers from various parts of the world and especially the German biophysicist Prof. Fritz Albert Popp agreed that cell photons radiate a light Photonics that allows the cells to communicate with each other, exchanging information, logically to the speed of light.

Prof Popp developed a Fotoamplificador to register light Photonics (which is so low-intensity 10000 000 000 000 000 000 (more weak than the light of day) that is able to register a light of a candle a10 km away. With the help of such ultra-sensitive equipment could prove and postulate: biochemical reactions in living things are addressed and governed by extremely weak electromagnetic waves the Nobel Prize (1984) Prof.Carlo blonde director general of the Institute for nuclear research in Geneva has enunciated: usually only consider the matter because we can see it and touch it; much more important are the interrelationships of the quanta, which they argue matter and determine its structure. This postulate has opened new horizons for the understanding of the mechanisms of regulation in living beings. LIFE: according to current knowledge is possible only if three matter, energy and information requirements.