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According to a comparative study among young patients and older who underwent a gastric bypass, the results do not vary depending on age. I.e. older patients lose weight as younger patients, and after surgery, diseases such as diabetes are in a remission in patients from two age ranges. This result is offered by the American Society of Bariatric and metabolic surgery. Also the weight loss in older patients does not increase the risk of complications, as well as you do in youth. Older patients have more heart and lung complications but fewer incidents of bleeding and problems with the healing of the wound that young patients.

Hospital readmission and mortality rates were similar both in young and older adults. Dr. throughout of the Centre Medical University of Baylor, in Dallas, says that despite the health complications that are due to obesity, age does not mean an increase in the risk of possible post operative complications. He also says that weight loss is similar in both groups at 12 and 24 months after surgery. The result of the studies shows that weight-loss surgery is safe and equally effective in patients over 65 years. There are still concerns about the risks of mortality due to bariatric surgery in older adults with obesity. However, there is significant data that this concern is justified.

Few know the risks and benefits of surgery candidates against young candidates, the researchers reviewed the records of all patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery at Baylor from 2005 to 2008. 1474 Patients that were performed this surgery, 100 were 65 years or older. The average age in older patients was 68, and with average of BMI before the surgery of 45. Women accounted for 75% of the patients of advanced age. The average BMI and age were similar in 1374 patients under 65. Medical complications before intervention in older adults included sleep apnea more than 40%, in more than 60% diabetes and hypertension by 80%. Younger patients had a 30% prevalence of apnea sleep and diabetes and 55 to 60% of hypertension. The time of the surgery and the time spent in the hospital was similar in both groups, as well as the rates of readmission. Post operative complications were low in both groups. The average weight lost twelve months was 75% and 83% at 24 months in older adults, while the teens had an average weight loss of 78% on two occasions. Regarding diabetes, in older adults there was a referral from 63 per cent, while young was 69%. Hypertension was controlled in 23% of older patients and young people in 45%. Obesity affects people of all ages, carrying various medical problems. If you suffer from obesity, goodbye obesity have in the treatment indicated for you regardless of age having. Receive a warm greeting Cecy Garcia psychology Bariatric. Adios-obesidad. com degree in psychology, specialist obesity, eating disorders and disorders of the free school of Psychology emocionalesEgresada.

Pinal County

For this reason we are of high sales gains”, because even Neil McCullagh as Managing Director of the Walton Europe GmbH explains the currently favourable situation. Such growth numbers of the population are important for the success of participation. With regard to this, is one of the most exciting counties in the United States Pinal County! As recently reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, population statistics, the authority, no other district has grown in the United States from 2007 to 2008 with the exception of a single percentage as soon as the Pinal County? One consideration that the winner is a district in Louisiana, in 2005 only gradually settled after evacuation of most of the country on the occasion of the Hurricane Katrina, Pinal County in relation to actual growth is in fact ranked one. It had alone between 1 July 2007 and 30 June of the following year a growth of more than 26,000 people, what a growth rate of 8.8 percent and thus corresponds to the highest growth rate of all counties in the United States. “It seems to be important that a significant part of the new residents” comes from other parts of the United States, who appreciate not only the annual midsummer weather, but also the favourable labour market conditions. They come also through targeted tax incentives of local businesses. Finally, there are just the messages of the daily press on the spot that hopeless vote.

So, the number of home sales increased in the region in March of this year to record levels. This was even higher than in the boom years 2005/2006 Mike Orr, a real estate broker and analyst, which published the so-called Cromford report, therefore assumes that the turning point was reached. While they were just real estate at fair prices that attracted people from the entire United States to Phoenix. “As a result these excellent indicators of the success of our participation are all Pinal County 4, as well as for the previous, already Fund placed”, says Neil McCullagh. A participation at the Walton Europe land banking Pinal County 4 GmbH & co. KG is still possible. The minimum contribution is $ 20,000 plus five per cent premium. Walton expects a doubling of assets value within five years, which corresponds to an appreciation of 20 percent participation annually. More information:

Sprachcaffe English

In Costa Mesa, Orange County, the Sprachcaffe presents its clients one more new language in the United States. Frankfurt am Main, September 03, 2011 in Costa Mesa, Orange County the Sprachcaffe presents its clients one more new language in the United States. The English language after Costa Mesa are composed of the language course, accommodation and an attractive leisure program and are available now. The individual elements of the language can be put together individually according to the modular principle and allow such a flexible language stay in the United States. The English language after Costa Mesa are composed of the language course, accommodation and an attractive leisure program and are available now. The individual elements of the language can be put together individually according to the modular principle and allow such a flexible language stay in the United States. With the new language school in Costa Mesa offers the Organizer now a total of seven different attractive tourist destinations for a language holiday customers for language courses and is taking a Another important step for a strong positioning on the language travel market.

Language courses for everyone are the hallmark of Sprachcaffe individual and flexible language. For this reason, the Organizer places particular emphasis to offer its customers an extensive range of courses at various levels. Possible the Sprachcaffe English courses Orange County are holiday courses with two lessons teaching daily, standard courses with four lessons and intensive courses with six lessons every day. The courses are held from Monday to Friday and so free time remains sufficient customers at the weekend, to explore the Costa mesas environment or to relax on one of the beautiful beaches of California. Learn English in a relaxing atmosphere: the new school the new school in Costa Mesa is the right place for a pleasant and instructive language stay. Nine modern class rooms are available for the English language courses available. Sprachcaffe’s customers in the spend leisure time and breaks school’s own kitchenette, cosy lounge or in the computer room of the school, in which the Internet can be used free of charge.

Wi-Fi are also available in the whole building. The library of the school and the study rooms are ideal to to learn the English language and to deepen the new language skills.

ECI Capital

Hoped support layer found; Vertical hole completed successfully; Analysis of the log-in data soon Stuttgart, 24.05.2011. In less than two weeks, and thus much earlier than planned, the specialists of the energy capital invest completed successfully the first vertical hole in Leon County. In about 8,000 feet deep (2,500 m) the energy capital invest has encountered this with Leon 1 same oil conveying layer, which currently gives wells in the vicinity of up to 600 barrels of oil / day, as well as reservoirs of up to 500,000 barrels of oil exploration results. The 1.5-kilometer horizontal drilling, which is then blown up along the entire length was also already started. As a completely new procedure applied for the hole where already during drilling, additional information is gathered, now independent experts can evaluate the log-in data in just a few days and so very timely detailed statements to the Leon 1. They now proven oil conveying layer shows that we have properly located with the decision for Leon County”, ECI’s Managing Director Kay Rieck explains. Wells surrounding due to the results of the exploration is also very likely that the energy capital invest will achieve significantly higher support revenue with Leon 1, than originally assumed in the calculation of the Fund it. Furthermore, the safety potential of US oil and gas Fund X KG has risen with the now proven support layer.

Because the expected exploration results and commodity pools will promptly multiply the value of the mineral extraction rights free of charge provided by the initiator. The rapid development is mainly against the background of the current oil prices benefit. Experts assume that the current oil price of about $100 and more per barrel will remain longer term oil of Brent. Once again the management of energy capital invest has his sense of attractive development areas demonstrated exceptional potential. For Leon County, a region some 80 kilometers south of Houston, currently is certainly true as the Erdolhotspot in the region. Already at a very early stage it could secure mineral extraction rights with an area of more than 17,000 acres (about 70 sq. km) and that too very attractive prices. Although the management recently decided to increase the initial participation amounting to 20 million euro, a stake in the US should be only a short time possible oil and gas Fund X KG due to the continued high positioning speed.

Managing Director

More assisted decided capital Stuttgart in Texas purchased peroxid. The energy capital invest could place the minimum volume of U.S. oil and gas Fund X KG amounting to 20 million euros in absolute record time of only about three weeks. The high placement rate is exceptional even for the not little success-drenched Stuttgart energy specialists. Also, because the acquisition of the equity capital of the US oil and gas Fund IX KG, a private placement with a minimum 200,000 euro runs well above average. The management of the energy capital invest has decided the capital increase provided for in the Statute, for the US oil and gas Fund X KG.

The increase makes sense, because we currently can invest in more, highly interesting production areas in Texas and benefit directly from the extremely attractive price”, explains Kay Rieck as Managing Director of the energy capital invest. Moreover, increased due to the better distribution of Fund-related costs the investment ratio of the US oil and gas Fund X KG. The beneficial ownership of the MC-wells-7 and 8 production units had the US oil and gas Fund X KG first “secured in the McMullen County. The area located in Texas, is the largest on the North American continent among experts as one and has a very good infrastructure for the production of oil and natural gas. The special thing about the current participation: The mineral extraction rights must not be acquired by the fund company, but were already at the beginning of the placement indirectly brought by the energy capital invest and made available to the Fund free of charge. The funds are in, primarily all exploration proceeds, as well as the right of exploitation from the sale. In the past few months, the energy capital invest their position on the could expand U.S. oil and gas market.

Leon County were among other mineral extraction rights in the assisted areas of proven successful”and West Texas”acquired, which both have a very good infrastructure for the transport and processing of oil and gas. In a very short time, our team in the United States could acquire more than 35,000 acres in the two Hotspots Leon County and West Texas. With these recent acquisitions has”the energy capital invest over positions in the U.S. oil and gas market of more than 185,000 acres, representing an area around 730 square kilometres, says Rieck. Only a short time participation from at least 15,000 euros to the now tenth Fund of leader is possible. And with a term until the end of 2013 is the US oil and gas Fund X KG back to a real short term. Investors achieve a nominal return of about 14 percent a year during this time. A nominal two percent early artist bonus is granted also until May 19. The first reduced is planned already for the third quarter of 2011. In addition, the distributions are conception according to to the progression of the retention tax in Germany.

County Court

CCJ is the legal action made by the county court for acquiring the loan mount from the debtors. Under this service, short repayment duration is given and within that time period, you have to return the loan amount. Good credit score is a matter of prestige and honor. It enhances the beauty of your character and assured that you are the reputed and dignified personality of the UK. People with good credit history, can avail hassle free loan amount.

Lenders offer them money unconditionally as their credit record is a secured substitute. On the other side, late payments or non-payments of the debt are the culprits behind most falling credit rating. When the debtors repay the loan amount on time, their lenders treat them nicely but most of the people are not repaying the loan amount on time. Hence, this behavior creates numerous obstacles for them and credited with arrears, defaults and bad creditors. In this way, if the debtors are not paying debts on time then creditors can take legal action against them. For this purpose, creditors can easily seek for CCJ or County Court judgment against the bad debtors. For grabbing money from the debtors, County Court judgment is the appropriate solution. With the help of this procedure, creditors can appeal to the county court and a ‘ claim form ‘ will be issued to them via postal service.

With the help of claim form, you want to find out exactly what is owed and from whom to owe. Apart from ignorance or simple failure in paying amount, there can be some other reasons for late loan repayment. Suppose, if unfortunately fire or flood can arrive and ruin your all record and files and you may not remember about the debts which you nave paid or unpaid. In that case, this claim form be a reminder and the situation will be resolved by paying the debt. Moreover, the debt is too large and the income sources are too small. At that time, which date court declare, you will have to return the debts on time but tackling with this situation admission forms are available. On this form, you can fill your income and expenses. Like this, government wants to help you to overcome from these circumstances and after considering all the important factors, they offer more time for the repayment. Repayment duration is short, which is offered by the County Court judgment for repaying the whole loan amount. You have to return the debts on the specified time; otherwise more penalties are to be added into your current debts. Melissa Mia is advisor of cheap loans for people on Benefits.


During the past 15 years comunicaciones (MoviStar, Vodafone etc.) operators have benefited from the boom in the sending of text messages or SMS. Young and not so young they have used SMS as a preferred means of communication, mainly because it is a fast and direct way of communicating, where the recipient receives the message almost immediately wherever you are, and it is very cheap compared to the cost of making a call. Today, with the advent of SmartPhones and data connections 3 G (mobile Internet) have introduced alternatives to the cheaper SMS and similar benefits. And we say cheaper not to say free, since the user only pays a monthly fee for the data connection, from which you can send as many messages as you want. Applications like whatsapp have almost completely eliminated the use of SMS among users who have a SmartPhone with 3 G connection. However, there are many users that still do not have a SmartPhone, especially in developing countries of development where the cost of a SmartPhone is very expensive for the vast majority.

For this reason, when you want to transmit messages short and direct, companies make use of SMS since it remains the medium that best ensures that the recipient read the message. Banks, marketing agencies, clinics, discos etc. increasingly are more types of businesses that perform shipments of SMS to communicate with their customers. It seems clear that SMS lose strength between individual users with SmartPhones extends in our society. But on the other hand are increasingly companies that send SMS notifications to your customers, suppliers or employees. Everything indicates therefore that is SMS for a while. In a rapidly changing the current environment there are SMS messaging providers offering services with global coverage at local prices. These providers allow customers to connect to its SMS platform by means of programming interfaces (APIs) so that companies can communicate with your customers or suppliers when and wherever they are.

European Central Bank

Through highly speculative with the insolvency of American households could enrich the Bank on the current financial crisis and was kept even from bankruptcy thanks to their political connections. As the American crisis across the Atlantic spilled over to Europe, Goldman Sachs was one of the protagonists of the euro crisis: the Bank should have speculated against the European single currency and fined the Greek debt balance with the help of complex and opaque currency transactions. As European Governments fell one after the other the wrath of voters for the victims, Goldman Sachs seized the moment, to expand their complex network of influence on the old continent. Goldman Sachs is more than just a bank. It is an invisible Empire, whose assets 700 Billions of euros more than the budget of the French State to double. It is a financial Empire on the sunny side of the world with his wild speculations and his greed has transformed into a huge Casino. With unique linkages and an army of 30,000 bankers Goldman Sachs could also in the last five years of crisis strong win, expand its financial strength, strengthen its influence on Governments and themselves from secure to complete impunity of American and European justice. The business practices of the Bank is very discreet.

Its influence reach far into the daily lives of citizens – from the Facebook IPO on the appointment of the President of the European Central Bank to the lobbying against regulation of the financial sector. The arm of the Bank is long, and she is always on the winning side. The broadcast can be seen on. (Arte.tv directs a bank the world 20.12.2012) Also Daniela Dahn describes the entanglement of bankers and policy: the current Chairman of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi was previously Vice President at Goldman Sachs. He is a lobbyist of the financial industry as a member of the exclusive group of thirty founded by the Rockefeller Foundation.