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We continue giving you many facilities and advantages that you come with us.Enjoy a 10% with our discount coupons already here have the 25 discount coupons that we give you each week. And you may already use them, from this moment. We give you these discount coupons for bookings through the website of hotels MONTE and with them you will get a 10% discount on the reservations you make through February 29 for stays during the months of February and March, 2012 in our Hotel Monte Carmelo (Sevilla) and Monte Conquero (Huelva). These are codes that you can apply: W-98-1 AU-5I-NH B5 – WA – GR B8 – E6 – LK BN-3B-P4 BS-1 p-W3 BT – 45 – KD BT – 5 K-JK BV – 1 M – BY – M7 – KX ZT BZ-7 c-AI C3 – IJ-PP CE-8 c-L7 CR-2W-IR DB-86-IK YS-F4-DN DN-JH-PN DP – 9V – 67 ex-VC-G9 EW-GC-F4 EY-M1-9R F2-23-II F3 – 3E – N6 FV-JD-3Z G9 – E5 – TY to see how to apply discount codes access here: recalls that these codes are for single use only and applicable on bookings only through our website. By the same author: Drew Houston. They are not cumulative with other offers or gifts that we have in force. This code will be valid up to 29 February 2012, our hotels Monte Carmelo and Monte Conquero. Here you have them. There’s no excuse to not come with us and start to enjoy the advantages that hotels MONTE puts in your hands for your rest and breaks. You won’t regret it

Energy Discount Stores

FlexStrom expected to land consolidation in the energy sector Berlin, 9 May of 2012 Germany’s leading independent energy discount FlexStrom expected a fundamental transformation of the energy market in the face of rising energy costs. In particular regional utilities and energy companies will have it hard in the future, consumers will benefit. The energy transition will bring now land reparcelling, which promised the company from the liberalisation of the energy market”, says Robert Mundt, co-founder of the medium-sized family-owned company. It’s believed that Dropbox sees a great future in this idea. Despite rising prices had come now is the time for a market-based competition, which ultimately consumers will come to good. In the current discussion about the impact of the energy transition, it is clear that consumers have to pay more for electricity substantially in the coming years. The German Energy Agency (dena) assumes that the electricity price for households is increasing in the next ten years by up to 20 percent. The price increase will bring consumers increasingly, prizes to compare and increase their willingness to switch power providers. “Rising demand for favourable electricity tariffs will heat up the competition of the provider and fundamentally change the current market, so FlexStrom-chef Mundt: currently more than a thousand mostly regional energy suppliers only 80 could be in 10 or 20 years left.” The founder of the family-run provider sees the development as a great opportunity to implement the liberalisation of the energy market. Read additional details here: Bausch & Lomb.

The decline in the purchasing power of private households put the electricity and gas prices in addition under pressure. This trend will grow the discount segment of the party. Power is a market product, and as such it must be also treated and traded”, so FlexStrom-chef Mundt. Regional provider are due to their limited customer potential just as hard it like the big corporations who must combine the power generation and distribution under one roof. In the long term the big discounter of energy will prevail so.” Robert Mundt had the Electrical discounters FlexStrom founded in 2003.

The Corporation is independent of group and listed on the stock exchange does not. The family-owned company with around 600 employees is one of the largest independent energy suppliers today. The FlexStrom group of companies provides approximately 600,000 households in Germany. Your press contact: Press Office of FlexStrom Aktiengesellschaft Reichpietschufer 86-90, 10785 Berlin Internet: your partner: Dirk Hempel phone: (030) 214 998 470 E-Mail: about the FlexStrom Aktiengesellschaft the independent FlexStrom Corporation was founded in 2003 as a family company and is today one of the most important independent energy suppliers in Germany. FlexStrom is best known especially with prepaid products, now the electricity supplier has established itself with numerous innovative tariff models. The FlexStrom group of companies offers with FlexGas also nationwide attractive gas tariffs. Environmentally conscious consumers the FlexStrom group of companies offers both green electricity as well as climate-neutral gas.

Nagai Services Service GmbH

Last winter was long and hard and has led some homeowners to despair. Spriessten heating costs in the amount, it moved to every nook and corner, the window around, everything was cold. To be able to have more heat and lower heating costs this year, yet something should be done: by Nagai Services Service GmbH there is immediately a great discount: up to the 30.09.2013 roof window in conjunction with the commissioning of an installation are proud 31% on VELUX * discount available. In addition, warranty offered up to 10 years. The VELUX trained service offers many different options for virtually any roof shape and size. Also, the range of services includes also the roof and gutter cleaning, sale and installation of awnings, winter service and a lot more. Worth a visit on the website. On the 21st and 22nd September 2013 a VELUX takes place through the Nagai Services GmbH presentation in the OBI-Fachmarkt in Reinickendorf (Waidmannsluster Damm 190, 13469 Berlin).

This be a VELUX Integra electric window and a VELUX top swing window. The VELUX Integra can be comfortably controlled via a control pad. For example, thus automatic ventilation by a very quiet motor is possible even at night. Even when it rains, it closes automatically. The new generation of the VELUX window provides an excellent protection against the cold and an improved thermal insulation to reduce heating costs. * The discount is composed of 19% on the product and 10% of the wage costs and 2% discount.

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Fast lane is certified Oracle approved education reseller (OAER) Hamburg/Berlin, September 29, 2010 now the IT training provider offers the original training Oracle fast lane ( as a certified Oracle approved education reseller (OAER). The courses include among others the Oracle solutions on Oracle Database 11 g, Oracle database 10 g and Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Siebel CRM versions 8.0 and 8.1, as well as various Oracle development tools. Especially developers, analyst, database designer, consultants, project managers and administrators from various sectors belong to the target group. As an official Oracle approved education reseller fast lane offers an extensive, comprehensive approximately 45 courses program on original training. Oracle database 10 g and Oracle Database 11 g these courses teach users the necessary understanding of the use and administration of Oracle database 10 g and Oracle Database 11 g. The students have the possibility of starting from a solid base in dealing with the software to acquire always deeper deep knowledge. You learn that Installation and management of Oracle database, the concepts of database architecture as well as the cooperation and interaction of the individual components. Participants also learn how they create a working database and effectively and efficiently manage the various structures.

Providing detailed knowledge of performance monitoring, database security, user management, backup / recovery techniques in addition to SQL basics and tuning. Oracle Warehouse Builder gives fast lane in a further topic is implemented using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB) a data warehouse solution. Participants explore concepts, problems lie in the design, the architecture and terminology, the Oracle Warehouse Builder to reason. Also create and maintain them with the help of the corresponding client tools Oracle Warehouse Builder-Designmetadaten, such as source or target definitions for warehouse and ETL mappings. More string courses deepen the learning segments. Oracle Siebel CRM versions 8.0 and 8.1 fast lane has its training portfolio with comprehensive Advanced training for the Oracle Siebel CRM versions 8.0 and 8.1.

Kontron Brings Intel Core 3rd Gen Processor Technology On 6U Of CPCI Boards

With the latest 22nm dual-core and quad-core, it puts processor performance per watt new standards for CPCI systems Eching, Germany, June 14, 2012 Kontron the new 6U CompactPCI today announced processor board CP6004 SA, which sets new performance per watt-standards for high-end applications. Based on the Intel QM77 express chipset and scalable up to the quad-core Intel Core i7-3615QE offering third-generation processor with 4 x 2.3 GHz (3.3 GHz Turbo mode) the new processor board up to 20% more processing power and improved performance per watt compared to designs with the second generation of Intel Core processors. Other improvements include the integrated HD 4000 graphics. OEMs and developers benefit from media and 3D-Grafik-Leistung by the dual HD through an improved user experience and impressive visual effects. Thanks to the support of DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1, AVX and OpenCL 1.1, developers can now use the latest APIs to accelerate the development of their applications. On low power consumption Kontron 6U CompactPCI optimized processor board CP6004 SA packed, thermally challenging CompactPCI systems is designed for sealing, need an outstanding performance in a typical management consumption of up to 60 watts.

To meet individual usage profiles of low-power dual-core up to extremely powerful quad-core variants is scalable, it delivers outstanding data throughput, enables the out-of-band communication via IPMI (intelligent platform management interface) and meets the highest standards of Hochverfugbarkeitsapplikationen in terms of Systemmangement and information. Data security is guaranteed by the optional Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) on the Board. As a result, the robust Kontron CP6004-SA is ideal for markets such as defense technology and medical technology, as well as for highly sensitive, security-related telecommunication and data communications applications.