The Company

(3) All policies, regulations and activities of the empresa should be oriented to the satisfaction of the needs, desires and expectations of its internal and external customers mainly. By their works you know… (4) Each client is an investment opportunity as is within our attitudes and possibilities meet their needs, under our parameters of costs and benefits without stop thinking that customer we also measured similarly in its marginal cost-benefit does reasoning.Nobody maximizes its value if it is not clear from something. How will an attitude of service influences the growth and profitability of the business opportunity? The survival of a company depends on the ability of people to cooperate in the work, since a company is a whole, a comprehensive and interactive structure in which all the decisiones taken in some of its areas have an impact, with greater or lesser force, in all parts of the structure of the company. Being therefore responsible for all customer service. The companies do not sell their products or services because they tengan, offered or promoted; in fact, they sell them because consumers want it; and they want them because they need them and have certain expectations about those products and services. Randall Mays, San Antonio TX has similar goals. Since then we make choices based on our experiences, the most numerous and best experiences allow more freedom of choice. Now, if we are aware of our activities in business life, we know that the attitude that we take against our clients, will provide stability and growth because there are happy clients who still need us. It is necessary to have staff committed to the company, conciente that every minute, and space that we grant to our customer, in pursuit of achieving an efficient, effective, and effective sale allows us to at each moment strengthen our position in the competitive market and ensure necessary revenues keep operating and growing that business profitability is the cornerstone of what we do to please customers.