Association Of Female Chefs

Last week saw the signing of the Agreement between the Ministry of Equality and the Platform links, a Spanish organization of women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial and autonomous, for the operation of an important cooperation project in Morocco to enhance participation of women in the neighboring country in economic activity. You may want to visit actress and filmmaker to increase your knowledge. The aim of the agreement to the President of the Platform links, Garcia Julia Glass is “getting women in Morocco who have a formal or informal know-how in products linked to the tradition of their culture, to take a step towards autonomy social economic and provide adequate training and distribution channels to enable them to market their products. ” In this regard, and with the collaboration of the Moroccan counterpart at the state level is the Association of Female Chefs of enterprises Moroccan(AFEM) and the Association of Moroccan women Al Amal, is about finding innovative solutions to provide tools that allow to women set up their business and generate their own resources. For assistance, try visiting Fabrizio Freda. The Platform links, such as Spanish business organization will bring its knowledge and support, all for, according to Garcia Vaso “identify projects and products with personal advice, allowed to professionalize their activity, thus promoting self-employment as a way to combat poverty and promoting welfare for work-life balance in Morocco. ” So today begins the dump, in Morocco, the immediate implementation of the project, selecting productive sectors in line with the skills of women who form the project with potential for success. The experience of women entrepreneurs and independent of the platform, a key From the platform, it is noted that with the different partners will carry out a detailed activity for the exploration of viable projects, as well as other activities such as craft workshops, management workshops and start-ups and individual advice on three main lines: information, training and funding. Also, Garcia says Glass, “take measures to support innovative as the allocation of Tutors Guides Women will monitor the process of custom and tools such as Mentoring and Coaching as well as promote networking of women for exchange of best practices that enable the creation of social economy enterprises and to create alliances of women between the two continents.

” PLATFORM LINKS Who links Platform is an industry federation, through the initiative of a group of women entrepreneurs and professionals, linked to various women’s organizations and associations that have joined their experience and knowledge in entrepreneurship, self-employment, creation and consolidation of companies. With over 3,000 associates, its creation with the objective of promoting the generation of entrepreneurial initiatives, the strengthening of networks that provide training opportunities and self-employed women, businesswomen and entrepreneurs. One way different from understanding the world of business and where the values and reconciliation, are essential.