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According to this paper, a new youth group, democracy Real already, inspired by the pro-democracy movements in the Arab world, used social networks to help organize the demonstrations, which began on Sunday. Repercussions in the European press in Italy, the daily Corriere della Sera also identifies the campsite in Madrid with the Cairo protests, which resulted in the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, but ensures that the ambitions are realistic. In addition, the newspaper La Repubblica says that the protest threatens to affect the municipal elections that will be held this Sunday. The journal points out that, while the PSOE has tried to move closer to the movement, the PP took advantage the protest to attack opponents.Young Spaniards are manifested massively is the owner of French newspaper Le Figaro, which recalled that the IMF had considered them recently lost generation. The Rotary stresses that this mass protest movement marks a twist in Spain, where until now the population rarely has been manifested against unemployment, that is 21.9%, and recalls that it occurs on the eve of the municipal.

For its part, Liberation underlines that the outraged take the Puerta del Sol in a Spain undermined by austerity, while Le Monde insists that Spanish Youth refuses on the eve of the elections. Official site: Yael Aflalo, New York City. Evening French emphasizes that between the campers in the Puerta del Sol there are students, unemployed or families in difficulties. CTO in the electoral campaign in the Latin American press, the concentration in Sun occupies a prominent place in the international news sections. In Mexico, El Universal collects testimonies from the Puerta del Sol and ensures that mobilizations yesterday had an important cto in the electoral campaign, since it considers that both the PSOE as the PP you are worried that this social protest movement spread to the undecided, especially to the PSOE, which, is the estimated, lose more votes. On the other hand, the Argentine daily Clarin titled the outraged they defy the police and continue in the plaza, and explains that young people are the main protagonists of this spontaneous movement that renounces any partisan affiliation, since it stresses that youth unemployment in Spain is the biggest in Europe, with a scandalous 44% while the unemployed are reaching 5 million. However, it also stresses that also have joined the rebellion many pensioners, the eternal victims, who have seen their pensions reduced by clipping and austerity plans put in place by the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Source of the news:: the protests of the outraged star in the front pages of the international press

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