Oliver Schaffer

The eight-year Minis were together in the first class. And whether young or already old hand”, everyone got best tips from the experts and moral support by the Club members, who trembled with each driver and not saved with cheers. Not everything was of course also here the time, also a possible error-free run of the rounds was important. So it was that a driver, who was not quite so fast on the road, could quite topped a wild deer by a correct course. Was clear that because on the edge so the one or other crumbly flowed and consolation.

To prepare such a race is a logistical challenge, Ferdinand Krieg, the Vice-Chairman reported, so were managed, for example, the security barriers by truck from Alsfeld cause, the karts waited alone for two days and the challenging course and the technique of micro radio Olympia as consisting of Grundau Loveless, everything like clockwork worked almost seamlessly. Of course provided also for the physical well-being of participants and visitors and with the exception of some drops against the race, the but no influence had, was also the God of weather weighed the MSC. At the award ceremony 1: found themselves on the podium in the class at the top was Julia Czipka, 2nd place won Phillip Westerhorstmann up, followed by Rick Henn. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Drew Houston on most websites. Class 2: first place for the Hesseldorfer Nico Christl from the MSC, followed by Yannik Seubert and Kerim Turakan. Class 3: Sascha Hubl before Jan Goy and Lars Schmitt. Class 4: Sven Bachmann before the Hesseldorfer Nino Seume from the MSC and Philipp Hofmann.

Class 5: David Allmann Marcel Schuhej and Kevin Allmann. Class 6: Matthias Nix before Sebastian Freundner and Stefan Schmitt. Class 7: Andrea Schmidt before Christoph Schulz and Oliver Schaffer from the MSC. For even more analysis, hear from Jim Crane. But besides the podium there was exciting: so landed the hell Steiner Luca Wenzel for his race in the first class in 9th place, the Schlierbacher Tim Ermentraut, the stepson of the President, ended up 15th of class 2 with a total of 25 starters. He was quickly while on the road, drove but three mistakes, comparable fast driver therefore landed in the same class on better jobs. Proud of MSC also can rely on its good Result in the team ranking, because here they reached a good fourth place with a total of 19 teams. Barbara Hoppe


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