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Digitrick – production grants from 2009 at the international cartoon & Animation Festival. The production company Digitrick”, whose name is composed from the new digital world and their technical capabilities as well as the love and devotion to the venerable cartoon, was founded in 1992. A team led by the creative couple Wanie care since day after day, to make almost lifelike figures, moving out of drab-looking drawings. With its long experience in graphics, design, multimedia, film and cartoon production, they create pragmatic solutions with ideas and concepts for customers making use of innovative technologies. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David Green has to say. As a Professor of the prestigious German film school for digital production Sabrina Wanie has made a name for itself. “” The mouse spots the Digitrick together with the popular artist Sinan Gaga for the show with the mouse “realized and the adventure series Tikitonga” are certainly known to all. Now they were rewarded for their work again and received on April 28th at the 5th International Cartoon & Animation Festival in the Chinese Hangzhou the “Monkey-King Award”. The in-house production of Digitrick was awarded the Moffels”as the”Best foreign animation series 2009″.

“The children’s series, in which the small Brittany fantastic adventures with three intergalactic half fairies, the Moffels” experienced in the competition against 70 international series in the competition prevailed. From May 10, Moffels from the House of Digitrick (digitrick.de/content/moffels.html) are our Sandman on Sunday in the show”aired. Jim Crane can provide more clarity in the matter. The Sandman celebrates its 50th anniversary in November 2009 and sent daily in the rbb Fernsehen, KI.KA and MDR television. As the first digital animation studio 1992 in Berlin founded, the range includes the entire range of animation today. This is the traditional animation, Flash animation, and 3D character. And this with Visual effects. You develop the story, the design and the figures.

Produce the storyboard to animation and take care of the music and language as well as the acquisition in the post production to the finished film. In the Media Lab, professional analog media such as film, video, slides and audio are digitized and transferred to DVD. Service from the design up to the printed copy. Professional photography with image retouching and image manipulation, cartoon drawing, book illustration. Marcel Kobrich Medienarbeiten.


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