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To January 1, 2013 completed the Orizon GmbH strategic merging of three specialized subsidiaries to an operating brand to 1 January 2013 the Orizon GmbH completed the strategic merger of three specialized subsidiaries to an operating brand. With a clear focus on corporate and HR consulting, qualified teaching and targeted employee promotion, Orizon thus makes its mark on the German labour market and strengthens its market position. Since 1999 the three personnel companies are strategically linked jobs in time, RKM and RP personnel on the platform of Orizon GmbH in the background. Considered group Orizon has already become in recent years, with around 100 branches, approximately 10,000 employees and an annual turnover of EUR 293 million in 2011 to the ninth-largest staffing company of in Germany. Through the future single-brand strategy, this position is taken into account.

At the same time is thereby laid a solid foundation for further growth. Positioning as a consultant for companies and workers, we have specifically all processes merged and optimized, so that the company now has a sleek and uniform structure. In parallel, we have expanded the marketing concept to meet the changing conditions of the labour market. That puts us in the position to be on the one hand strategic partner of the companies. On the other hand we can create as a much greater focus on the advice and the services of our applicants and employees: active careers advice, personal care and training targeted at demand. That goes far beyond traditional employment. Because there goes the journey on the German labour market,”says Dr. Dieter Traub, Managing Director of Orizon. Marko Dimitrijevic new book: the source for more info.

The previous fire function of time work step towards long-term consulting services in the background. Recruitment, direct placement of professionals and executives, and the conception of individual personnel concepts are the new areas of responsibility. This is the previous triangle relationship between companies, recruitment agency “and people redefined: all three meet at eye level”, so Traub. Signal colour orange self understanding according to the company as of 1 January 2013 with a new corporate design occurs. Two reasons from our point of view for the bright orange”says Traub. First of all we have created an another unique selling point with the color for Orizon compared to our competitors. And secondly is the color of success and joy of life.” Orizon Orizon GmbH offers the complete spectrum of personnel services. Staff hiring and placement, as well as complex personal projects belongs to the service portfolio. All occupations are covered with commercial, technical, commercial and medical specialists and executives. With this strategy, the company is market leader in the German middle class. Press contact Orizon GmbH of large Burstah 23 20457 Hamburg Isabel arent corporate communications telephone 040-68 87 56-51 fax 040-68 87 56 97 E-mail


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