Pinal County

For this reason we are of high sales gains”, because even Neil McCullagh as Managing Director of the Walton Europe GmbH explains the currently favourable situation. Such growth numbers of the population are important for the success of participation. With regard to this, is one of the most exciting counties in the United States Pinal County! As recently reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, population statistics, the authority, no other district has grown in the United States from 2007 to 2008 with the exception of a single percentage as soon as the Pinal County? One consideration that the winner is a district in Louisiana, in 2005 only gradually settled after evacuation of most of the country on the occasion of the Hurricane Katrina, Pinal County in relation to actual growth is in fact ranked one. It had alone between 1 July 2007 and 30 June of the following year a growth of more than 26,000 people, what a growth rate of 8.8 percent and thus corresponds to the highest growth rate of all counties in the United States. “It seems to be important that a significant part of the new residents” comes from other parts of the United States, who appreciate not only the annual midsummer weather, but also the favourable labour market conditions. They come also through targeted tax incentives of local businesses. Finally, there are just the messages of the daily press on the spot that hopeless vote.

So, the number of home sales increased in the region in March of this year to record levels. This was even higher than in the boom years 2005/2006 Mike Orr, a real estate broker and analyst, which published the so-called Cromford report, therefore assumes that the turning point was reached. While they were just real estate at fair prices that attracted people from the entire United States to Phoenix. “As a result these excellent indicators of the success of our participation are all Pinal County 4, as well as for the previous, already Fund placed”, says Neil McCullagh. A participation at the Walton Europe land banking Pinal County 4 GmbH & co. KG is still possible. The minimum contribution is $ 20,000 plus five per cent premium. Walton expects a doubling of assets value within five years, which corresponds to an appreciation of 20 percent participation annually. More information:


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