The Science

The famous cards Zenner had mathematically proved the occurrence of a positive shunting line (or negative) of rightnesss that could not be attributed perhaps and nor neither to other factors (fraud, defective embaralhamento, microscopical mark in the cards, etc.) also controlled. Fulfilled the requirements of most orthodox, that is, to appear in research of this nature an unquestioned method of experimentation, it was risen Parapsicologia of petitioner to definitive science. Learn more on the subject from Drew Houston. Credit: David Green-2011. Although today arvorada in the science condition, some difficulties persist. These difficulties in general have origin in the ambiguidade of feelings that the Parapsicologia can generate in groups of religious, ocultistas, intellectual. The first difficulty inhabits in the facts that integrate the essence of the parapsicolgico study.

At last, what it looks the parapsiclogo? It looks the telepatias, the clarividncias, the precognitions, poltergeists (' ' houses badly assombradas' '), etc. and all these phenomena had never left of being boarded for religious or the ocultistas ones. From there it was created what, pparently, &#039 would be one; ' conflict of jurisdio' ': one paranormal cure would have to be attributed the superior deities to the human being and explored only for the knowledge of the faith or also science, through just incorporated Parapsicologia, it must search the fact and, if possible, integrate it the group of known phenomena? Many religious and ocultistas ones, being afraid to lose the domain of its known &#039 well; ' mundos' ' , they had also passed to exert the activity of ' ' parapsiclogos' '. Here in Brazil it is interesting to notice the existence of two pledged distinct groups in this type of curious situation: priests catholics who if affirm ' ' parapsiclogos' ' , that they explore the Parapsicologia for ' ' provar' ' that the paranormais phenomena have origin in the unconscious e, therefore, they do not exist ' ' espritos' ' nailed for the espritas.


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