The Dreams

The dream drains for the rusted wire Part II In one of these pretty mornings of sunday, that the sun invited to one walked for the woody streets of the noble quarter of the city, Clement came back to the front of the sobrado one that it was the sales. Well next it noticed that the portentoso wooden gate was apodrecido in the places where the wood without varnish was displayed the action of the time. It between was opened. Clement curiously he came close himself to see details of the sobrado one that as much admiration in the previous day caused it. Attention, the size of the house called it to it, not perceived over the gate of where it had seen the tablet of vende. The garden frontal, abandoned to the flavor of the time, with vegetation estorricada for the sun and deceased due to cares, kept living creature only one shrub, green and incredibly resistant to the time. For what it remained of the garden, it perceived for its characteristics, to have been projected with care of who has good taste and financial conditions.

A way covered for an old green awning took the door of the front that was two steps above of the garden. The steps of imported marble that still denoted brightness, beauty, smoothness. In the lateral space for some cars and the door, fellow creature to the frontal, with the equally green awning, to protect the visitors who arrived for parties in that hall. Business strategist has many thoughts on the issue. Clement it inside heard a voice of the house and was moved away going for the other side from the street. It saw the window open. Inside one Sir passed a cloth in the plate hung in the wall and said some thing with it. To each cleaned slowly and affectionately, its look was motionless, lost in the time.

It travelled to the past living as if it was now. For it had something of special in that awarding, this also was special only for the winner. It came until the window and cried. A tear fell on the shrub. This age the secret to be green and alive. It fulfilled its mission to cover the plate, in the eagerness to hide it nobody to see that the house was for sale. That awarding represented very for it. It printed its past of victories, while the house represented the decay and the end of the life.


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