Colombian Soap

They say for why the Colombians are happy despite the endless vicissitudes that overwhelm us daily, that tattooed famita we and that tired has cost us to change, say that we love football, soap operas and the reigns, we are devoted to the sacred heart, El Divino Nino, El Senor De los Milagros, La Virgen Milagrosabetter said all Saints Legion, they say we are supportive by nature, cast palante, but just we like easy money and that Yes, we have a very peculiar indigenous malice which identifies us in any corner of the planet. Throughout this vade mecum of typical characteristics of the Colombian reflect in one way or another in the soap operas, a very desirable television product worldwide and that Colombia has never been alien, becoming the last decade in a sort of Latin American Mecca of melodrama. We could also add that Colombians suck cock, laugh about ourselves like us, why it is not uncommon to have a program of humor that takes years of Methuselah on the small screen, there are several account registered in book records guines jokes and films blockbuster in December, good or bad, than those of the librettist and producer Dago Garcia, for this reason, is not nothing paradoxical that Colombia is considered as the most recognized pioneer in the production of the malquerida genre tragicomic or soap opera comedy. In antenna poor is Nuevo Rico, new more successful tragicomedy in recent years in the Colombian girl screen, the most watched throughout the national and consecrated as the star product of the channel that produces it; Suddenly you are part of the bulk of those viewers who sit every night watching your TV to see it after a hard working day, looking for first and foremost leisure and a good dose of healthy anti-stress, or contrary forms part of other so many faithful to the classic soap opera viewers and that hate with all his strength to this supposed degraded species of the melodramatic genre.

Sustainable Youth Celebration Gifts: GeschenkBaum And BaumSparVertrag

Sustainable youth celebration give the youth celebration or earlier youth consecration”, is a festive initiation, which is to mark the transition from the youth into adulthood. The youth celebration is a non-religious alternative to the confirmation in the Protestant churches and the confirmation of the Catholic Church. To perform free-spirited and humanist organizations and often special clubs. The youth celebration is an important step in life for many children in and with the company. Friends and relatives present gifts to the youth celebration, which sustainably to commemorate this special day. For those who want to give something sustainable and especially meaningful, the GeschenkBaum and the BaumSparVertrag of ForestFinance are the right gifts to the youth celebration.

These gifts convey how sustainable values arise and what role does the rainforest for the global climate and species preservation. How man changes in the curriculum vitae, so also a tree is changed. He is a life-long partner that grows with the years. Trees are vital for mankind: clean the air and produce oxygen to breathe. Fruits they gain through human and animal food, and the people also wood. Further details can be found at Crawford Lake Capital, an internet resource. Trees are Habitat for nearly 75 percent of all species. Today most importantly however: trees bind the greenhouse gas CO2 for decades by wood.

By the tree presents of the Bonn ForestFinance, these positive features for the donee be personally secured and visible as trees. The tree and the trees are both symbol, contribution to the climate and nature protection as well cash gift with an attractive yield. GeschenkBaum and BaumSparVertrag are also profitable and eco-friendly gift ideas. The BaumSparVertrag plants ForestFinance a tropical tree per month for 33 euros every month and maintains them for 25 years until the harvest. Then the recipient receives current rating also tax the proceeds, which is more than the 8 times the deposited amount forecast. He benefited from the ecologically-generated proceeds of BaumSparVertrages Gifted so long after the youth celebration.


We know that the Earth lungs are the trees, are our medicine against the contamination, since the great wooded masses you make are them of I oxygenate through the photosynthesis, that is the property that has the green plants to produce I oxygenate from the carbonic anhydride of the air, by effects of the solar light, in the presence of the chlorophyll. The airborne contamination could in fact be diminished by this contribution. We think that in the great cities, the trees, by this mechanism, also contribute to adjust the atmosphere, but is not thus, because it has been possible to verify in the regions highly industrialized that, as a result of the soot and of the smoke of tar, produced by the polluting factors do that estomas or pores of the leaves, through which the gaseous interchange becomes, esten obstructed, thus this rescuing function is not realised. This is the reason by which all the Science of the humanity this pawned on winning the battle to him to the Contamination. Credit: Drew Houston-2011. Through the WHO (World-wide Organization of the Health) they realise studies to control the polluting particle concentration in regions especially chosen. Also the symptoms and causes of the human diseases attributed study to the contamination; and because of as much death of the animal. The fight this directed to obtain methods to neutralize the industrial polluting agents suitably, to control preservative additives of foods and to obtain biodegradable insecticides, pesticides and detergents, that is to say that can Be neutralized, unfolded in nontoxic or destroyed products as a result of the bacteria of the ground or the water. Without a doubt, our civilization will take a great step if he is able to take advantage of the gifts the nature, but conserving them as they are, with all their vast wealth in alive beings of countless varieties, like insurance for the persistence of the own life of the man. Learn more on the subject from Crawford Lake Capital. It learns more about this serious problem of the contamination.

Sand Making Machine

Do you know anything about how the sand is made? Yes, we all know what it is used for but few of us know the making process of it unless you are in mining field. Few weeks ago, I didn’t t know anything about-sand making, while now I have know it making process of it all. Here I would like to share it with all of you. And you should believe that science is magic and it is where sand stone comes from. Credit: David Karp-2011. The article may be a little boring, but if you are interested in science just like me, you will enjoy it very much. In this article, firstly a brief introduction of a famous sand maker will offered to you including its brief definition and what it is mainly used for.

Then a further analysis of its working principle is mentioned. Finally you will see the current development of sand maker. Sand Making Machine is also known as vertical shaft impact crusher which features is a unique combination of rotor design, material wear and crushing equipment design. This combination has proved revolutionary in improving capacity, gaining higher product quality and reducing operating and wear costs in shape. Sand making machine is a high-efficient rock crushing equipment with home and international leading level.

The machine is developed by introducing the crushing theory and technology from Barmag Company of America and combining the current situation of sand making. The working principle of sand making machine: Material falls into the high speed turning impellers from the top of machine and chug with the material distributed around the impeller under the effect of high speed centrifugal force. After the impact with each other, the material is crushed between impeller and cabinet and is discharged from the bottom. It can cycle many times with the close circuit and the sieve device will control the coexistence of finished products. Sand maker industry has experienced brilliant moment from 2010 to 2011. However, during the first half of 2012, the sand maker industry market goes through ups and downs under the influence of slow high-speed railway construction, macro regulation of real-estate construction and the decline of steel price. In the second half of the year, with the recovering of high-speed railway construction, the state adjustment to hydraulic engineering, the policy support and the capital input increase, the infrastructure construction has developed rapidly. Under such circumstance, mining machinery industry and high-end manufacturing will achieve substantial performance in the second half of 2012. Meanwhile, sand making equipment market will once again usher in a new developmental trend. I am so happy that I could share what I am interested in with you. And I hope you will have a brief grasp of sand making machine, and you could get further information by surfing on the Internet.

Choosing Baby Clothes

We have long forgotten about the word deficit, and the assortment of children's clothing in stores is startling in its scope. But this selection of children's clothing does not become easier. It is a wide variety of clothing for children often causes parents of some confusion. How do I choose? What to prefer? What you should pay attention to? Time to go on numerous hyper and super duper Market at modern parents, in our hectic 21, at least. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Yale Jackson Institute on most websites. As be? Of course, not despair about it not worth it. Considerably simplify the search for children's clothing online. More information is housed here: actress and filmmaker. The advantages are obvious – without leaving home, but often enough, without interrupting the production process, you can explore range, read in detail about the producers of children's clothing, find reviews on them (this is valuable information for obvious reasons, the stores will not objective), watch collections, etc.

etc. E-stores children's clothing very handy thing, saving time and money. Once you find the baby thing, can hold its mini study and find the optimal price for the goods or make sure that the store it is price most minimal. It is difficult to imagine how much you need to spend time to conduct a similar study in the shops of the city. Very often in online shopping are coming in search of lower prices. This is justified, the sale of Internet entails less expensive than selling through retail chains. Price in online stores can be lower by 20-30 percent or more. Simplify the search and selection of children's clothing will help the following basic rules: 1.Vybirayte quality children's clothing.


Leader is the promoter of the sum of the wills, the team leader must be sign of unity, leader is for the other more than to himself, his works are more aimed at the good of others than for him, leader must have this inclination toward the good things and should manifest in the consistency of their actionsthe depth of their reflections and commitment to employees. A leader in the end is a person who has a character, a cultural level, a level of education and develops within a society, a workgroup or in a nation based on this the first characteristic of a Mexican leader is authoritarianism, and this feature is not necessarily own leader but rather his followers do not mind doing so in polite way or despotalways expect the leader to dictate the orders and hold the work plan is basically the figure around which revolves the social circle or equipment, an aspect unconsciously derived from Matriarchy (if the leader is female) or patriarchy (if the leader is man), is therefore expected to be leader to keep a strict control on your social circle, taking the necessary measures to make it work without estimating his hardnessalways and when the social circle continue in the direction marked, arriving at the end where the leader can literally attacking members of their own group provided is justification for action. Another feature that you have with our leaders in Mexico is that most of them are men, that we owe it to the existence of Mexican machismo, although currently it begins to change and every day we find more women leaders, and some of them with more guts than men, more tidy, with a greater number of followers and more prepared each day. Another phenomenon that is happening within the Mexican politics is that political parties are looking for a charismatic leader, which shows moments of great strategic advances in the achievement of organizational objectives, is its moment of optimum situation. While its most critical moment, managing a situation consistent, in which manifested a great tendency to stop long in a high quality planning.

Leaders who possess this style have much difficulty to interact with people with a high motivation to achieve, these successful leaders must have more perspective than that exists in the organization. They have the talent to see and create the future. In addition, use a high visual language to realize that future his team. As a result, reach larger than the proposed objectives, because they create a conscious collective that it encourages people to make that future a reality. Pity that are not visible, these last two features in our rulers, since his works have not transcended beyond his term in Office, due in Mexico leadership is a strongly entrenched cultural trait, forged since pre-Columbian times, and is precisely this tradition that makes it so difficult to be a Mexican leader, due to all the traits that have accumulated over time and which we perceive as minimum obligations to be granted such status. I conclude that our rulers are not actually leaders, circumstantially they occupy a post but the initially mentioned features are missing to really be leaders.

Ask Givens

Said we’re playing in alien territory when: working for a boss you don’t understand us, even that we like the job and the company; We maintain a relationship in which we demand more of what the other person is willing to give us, but we are not willing to cut the link; We pay taxes for Social security even though we feel socially safe; We are obliged to deal with regulations such as:-limitations on the construccion-impuestos to the ganancias-sindicatos; We belong to a club or a group that we like, but that is led by authoritarian people; We are dealing with a group of friends that we like, but it is dominated by someone who we would prefer not having nearly; We participate in a thriving commercial society in which members discuss constantly; We attended a school or a university whose rules us They seem archaic; We live with our parents; We live with our children; We live in a house or an apartment rented. Ask Givens, sounds you this family? Every day we are controlled by other environments. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Drew Houston has to say. If we try to change the rules or cheating we will always lose even when we create have reason. If we always conduct twenty-five kilometres per hour more than the limits which allow, we can leave with our ninety-nine times every hundred. But it will be a time in which we will have to pay the ticket, because speed limits have been set by others. We can get us angry or protest against the unjust system, but we abarremos losing.

We have to pay the fine and the corresponding loss of time and money.Adds Givens, if we insist on fighting against any system dominated by others, late or early we’ll lose: you can be sure. What to do then. Brings us Givens, who must play according to their rules, in addition to keep in mind that when played on alien territory and we disobey rules or we try to change them without the agreement of who made them, us condemn to lose.


There was a moment in humanity, a time in which the human being was recognized as part of nature. Dreaming and waking were inseparable realities; the natural and the supernatural were blown. People relied on images of nature to express this unit. It’s believed that Dropbox sees a great future in this idea. In the past, the shamans were in charge of the sacred knowledge of the life, which was tied to the rhythms and forces of nature. These people were able to walk in the limits that connected the invisible world with the visible world. Remember people, that trees are divine and that all animals speak to those who hear. Various rituals were performed to connect with the spirits of animals and nature.

Although these rituals seem primitive to the rational minds in modern societies, they do not stop being powerful today. And the laws that govern them, physical and spiritual, are equally viable. We are, unfortunately, very accustomed to separate the physical from the spiritual and this is a big mistake, since both go hand in hand. If we realize this fundamental principle, would give us the means to address many paradoxes dark and hidden nature secret. the topic at hand. For example, the Totems of nature can be studied to understand how the spiritual manifests itself in our natural life. What is a totem? It is a natural object or an animal, to which we are United or nearby by his energy. We can use images of animals and other totems of nature as a means to learn about us and the invisible world which surrounds us. Totem, or these images are archetypal beings that reside behind the nature; they have their own qualities and characteristics which are reflected through behaviors and activities of animals and other expressions of nature.

When we recognize a totem, we are honoring the essence that lies behind the. Tune us with its essence and we can use it to get to know us and understand different circumstances of our lives. Animal totems (which are the best known), are symbols of energy specific, that we they can teach that we are manifesting and with what we could align to improve our lives. In this way, the animal becomes a symbol of a specific strength of the invisible and spiritual world manifested in our lives. The characteristics and activities of those totems reveal a lot about our powers and innate abilities. If we study to our/os totems, will be able to join us to invoke your energy when you need it.

Washington Post

Twitter is also a powerful tool. Washington Post bought hashtag of the North American elections #election. Thus the label appeared in the profiles of the users of Twitter and newspaper made sure that first that people saw when looked for information on the elections he would be a holder of the Post. Result: 10% of the traffic that was generated by the elections in Twitter ended up clicking in the news of the Post. Additional information is available at actress and filmmaker. We can do the same in a campaign of communication, for example lodging hashtag of some subject trendy? Of course, the use of hashtag viral is an object of desire of any agency. Although, often, some hashtags positioned in the first place are not really trending topics, but sponsored zones; they have paid for that reason. And how to attract top 20 bloggers that they are influenciadores indeed because assumes that they are independent? Then because for them it was a experience of first hand around a debate that interested much to them: the one of the payment by contents.

Twitter competes with Google like motor search. It has changed the form to make arrive our message? Yes, it is certain. But we understand that a campaign is always a tactical operation that usually is expanded in the time and Twitter is the king of real time, is there where we secured the notoriety of our event. How it affects the campaigns? In Google, although they are beginning to work in the real time, work the long term, reason why, which we obtained with Google, it is that if a campaign took place in a concrete date it follows present in the time through finder. With Twitter and other networks we looked for users who contribute to detonate the viralidad and in Google we looked for the visibility in the short and long term. Centering us in our sector: recently Apple made an ample unfolding " social" for the launching of his tablet Eye! Apple in fact seems very 2,0 but it does not have presence in the social networks; it has Twitter, neither Facebook, etc.

Advantages Freelance

There are occasions that occurs the termination of an employment contract with the company that was working, and then you face the dilemma of what to do? Look for employment in another enterprise under the same employment conditions under the regime of employee? Become the entrepreneur who always dreamed? or become self-employed: freelance. Everyone will have heard the term on several occasions: Freelance, for those who have not yet unclear what about this way of working, I have a definition of freelance work: referred to as freelance or freelancer (or self-employed worker, independent) the person whose activity consists in performing own work independently, to third parties who require their services for certain tasksthey are not paid according to the time spent but the result obtained, unless the two parties from contracting obligation to continue the relationship beyond the Wikipedia made custom. This means that the designer is who is in charge of manage their schedules and agree a delivery date, is not subject to any type of contract and you can perform various work for different companies, charging for projects undertaken or approved designs. Every day there are more people working freelance, and the trend is that this type of work will increase much in the coming years. Actress and filmmaker often addresses the matter in his writings. With the amount of crime that we find, in the streets, as well as unemployment who not has dreamed have untrabajo from home on the internet? Today the freelance work becomes increasingly more feasible since the cost of an Internet line becomes cheaper. This has allowed each time one greater number of people have access to the network, from the comfort of your home. There is able to provide services to a broad audience around the globe. If you are considering to delve into the world of freelance work then it is necessary to have in mind that like all work has its advantages but also disadvantages.