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in one – and two-family dwellings and small businesses, the micro combined heat and power (Micro CHP) stands for the lower performance range from power heat cogeneration plants. Mirko KWKs are building-integrated applications to provide decentralised power and heat with high efficiency. The operating costs of buildings can be so reduced and the emissions be reduced by CO2 emissions. Advantage of Micro CHP is the easy installation, because the plants are mostly turnkey supplied in a compact form. By the way: due to a noise-dampening coating, CHP plants are extremely quiet in operation. At Mark Stevens you will find additional information.

Current and detailed information, the 2nd Symposium provides small – and micro cogeneration”on Friday the October 10, 2008, the 2008 will take place in the framework of the RENEXPO in Augsburg. Renowned experts from the science, practice and policy refer here and others on the topics of network integration, market strategies, training, applications and planning of Micro-CHP units. There are also questions Cost efficiency analysis and the selection of the correct planning software discussed. The Conference is complemented by testimonials from manufacturers and users of Micro CHP plants. The 2nd Symposium of small and micro cogeneration”is an event within the framework of the Augsburg trade fair RENEXPO. Speaking candidly Pretium Partners told us the story. The RENEXPO is an internationally renowned trade fair for renewable energy & energy efficient building and renovation due to its variety of subject areas. Already for the ninth time it takes place this year in the period from October 9-12, 2008. In addition to exhibition and Congress a wide free lecture programme visitors. There is more information and the programme see.

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This costly gap associated with a strong dependence on imports, should be addressed but in the medium term due to the construction of numerous hydroelectric power plants, environment-friendly coal-fired power plants, and by the increased use of renewable energy. On the basis of the desired accession Turkey focuses on, to meet the EU standards in the area of energy supply. Without hesitation David Karp explained all about the problem. The total investment required is estimated at several billion euro here. A large proportion will flow in the extraction of alternative forms of energy. Also the increased awareness of environmental issues and energy efficiency in the population and the Administration reflected in the steadily increasing demand for alternative energy. New opportunities and markets poses for the producers of energy-technical plant and equipment, as well as for service providers. Legal bases in Turkey the energy market Act, which was adopted on 4 March 2001, provides a framework for all activities in the new energy market in the Turkey.

The law was adopted with the aim to make a free energy market, and thus supersedes the State BOT (build-operate-transfer) model. The law foresees the privatization of the energy market, with the exception of the scope of energy transmission, which remains in State hands. For the coordination of the energy market, the regulatory authority of EMRA (energy market regulatory authority) was founded at since September 2002, relating to the licensing of energy projects can be submitted. By law to promoted investments in renewable energy are accelerated the expansion of the energy sector and promote expanded. Also the energy efficiency Act, which came into force on May 2, 2007, specifically envisages the improvement of the legal framework and the removal of bureaucratic barriers for foreign investors. Should the law achieved equality between domestic and foreign investors and encouraged and the attractiveness of energy generation, through measures such as an eight percent minimum supply of renewable energy, increased.

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Because the infrared radiation heats the all room air. Instead, the heat occurs only when the radiation reaches a firm body. Therefore people infrared radiant heat as a particularly pleasant experience. Easily integrate an allHeater integrates without problems in any existing heating system. In a SolarEasy system, its advantages but ideally come to fruition. Because here flows the water from the heating circuit by the collectors. Consequently get also an integrated allHeater directly to the solar heated water, which eliminates the transmission losses. Because allHeater can absorb heat depending on the model between 5 and 18 kilowatt hours, the ovens will increase the total memory capacity of the system.

Thus, each installed module optimizes the solar yield. Basically, an allHeater like a wood-fired stove, just without wood burning works. This means: to this heat, an allHeater will be loaded up with heat. With the help of a control electronics succeed easily. Time and amount of heat to be stored can be programmed. Finally, the heat is not always desirable. No sun shines in case he can use allHeater as a conventional radiator from the heat store. The newspapers mentioned Drew Houston not as a source, but as a related topic. For many applications the allHeater there are in five different versions: the wall module in the sizes S and L, the stele, the shaft and the tower.

All rooms have high-quality, hand-crafted ceramic surfaces. As standard, the company offered Ziegler stele, shaft and Tower in different variants. In principle, individual custom-made products to template also artistic designs are possible. Its chic design allows the use of all heater modules anywhere where enveloping warm it should be and where it arrives on the optics. The performance of a single module for the size of the space is not enough, several can be connected together. In this way, the allHeater covers virtually all applications in the residential and Office area. Logical partnership complements the revolutionary concept of the allHeater the advantages of the SolarEasy product range in an ideal way. Consequently, the Alzenauer solar energy experts cooperate with the inventors, the firm Ziegler from Austria. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Crane offers on the topic.. SolarEasy is general partner for Germany and assumes the distribution so that in Germany exclusively. Of course, the practical experience of Alzenauer specialists who work in the field of solar thermal energy could collect them in more than 30 years in the further development of the allHeater flow. The allHeater is patented in Austria and international patent pending. About SolarEasy SolarEasy has a solar range at peak efficiency for every purse with 3 decades of solar experience and optimally matched components. The SolarEasy local partners are owner-run companies for solar and heating technology. Customized and optimized solar heating and photovoltaic systems for any size are the common passion. Thus the SolarEasy ensures the optimal value for the investment and a secure energy customers. Caption of allHeater by SolarEasy ensures pleasant warmth and best room air efficiently and elegantly. Contact SolarEasy GmbH Mr.

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The ideal possibility here Revet cabinets with high heat-insulating plates. For example, Resolharzplatten, which are among the best in the market with its good insulating properties are used. Ventilated concrete facade elements: public buildings such as schools and residential areas in high-rise building construction are often suspended facade elements made of large-sized panels usually with an underlying layer of air. This air layer can be filled in later by means of injection procedures with insulating material. Silicate foam is made from glass and processed as granules. The lightweight material is specially particularly suitable for this application, because it meets the structural requirements for this construction. Because not every insulating material for each design can be used, it does always make sense, for choosing the right structure and the right Insulation to seek professional advice from neutral point or neutral to check existing offerings.

Is important to calculate the options for insulating a House, because many examples are not just ecologically useful, but also extremely economical. That energy saving is good but expensive, is an old cable belonging to cut off. This is information of the IPEG Institute. printable templates of the images, as well as earlier articles on this subject can be obtained in our Press Office. For more information about the described insulating materials, E.g. see links below vacuum insulation panels: silicate foam (SLS) and aerogels: Resolharzdammung company description profile IPEG Institute which has IPEG Institute in Paderborn on specialized answering the questions to the subsequent heat insulation. It advises on more than 80 different insulation situations in old buildings manufacturer – and product-neutral. Without hesitation Yael Aflalo explained all about the problem. More than 150 various insulating materials were examined with regard to technical parameters, applicability and costs. IPEG also creates thermal insulation-consulting concepts and develops training courses such as “Specialist insulation technology in the old building” and z “Insulation workers”.

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As the Suddeutsche Zeitung is currently reported, citizens in Germany have accustomed to spend an ever larger share of their budget on energy every year. Dallas, 23.08.2013. “Whether heating oil or natural gas, gasoline or diesel, electricity or district heating – the final prices for energy in any form are stronger in the past ten years has risen as the General cost of living”, as the Suddeutsche. So, for example, the price of heating oil from 2002 to 2012 from 35 Euro 90 euro rose. The price of electricity doubled in that time. 2011, households spent 108 billion for energy.

At the turn of the Millennium, these were still 25 billion euros of less. The Federal Association of German housing and real estate companies complained about the rising costs. From 2000 to 2012, gas has become to 93 percent more expensive and fuel oil by 143 percent. An end to this spiral of costs is thereby not refrain, as energy prices tend to be rather continue to rise. Also hope you could by a part of the price increases of oil and gas renewable energy intercept, which doesn’t seem to be coming true. The expenses for the adaptation of the infrastructure in Germany, providing favourable wind power or solar energy are obviously too high. The Chancellor threatens”rather already so, to implement a solution, where she will participate the renewable energy provider the costs of the power plant after the Bundestag election. Against this background, and because it looks no better in other European countries energy prices, the extraction of shale gas by the so-called Fracken is currently a political as public theme.

Fracking is pressed a mixture of water, sand and chemicals in large quantities and under high pressure in a borehole. Thus the slate is blown up (gefrackt”), whereby the existing petroleum and natural gas can be extracted. Opponents of this procedure among others warn of the risks of poisoning of groundwater by the chemical cocktail. The other unpleasant side-effects are the related possible Erosion. In the United States the business with the fracking has already become a billion dollar market. The persons in charge of the Amtex oil & gas Inc., focusing on the conventional development and optimization of existing oil wells, see also the beginning of a public debate in this batch location interests. In the UK the theme of fracking has already become a national debate”so Amtex oil & gas Inc. Here, a company had to stop drilling in the County of Sussex, due to massive protests. While on the other hand the British Government adheres to their plans and promises high incentives for the controversial funding method. France has already out a ban, however, for the extraction of shale gas and oil shale by fracking. Critics complain here however, that WINS France 85 percent of its electricity through nuclear power. This is far more dangerous. The Federal Government is not yet sure obviously in terms of their own opinion. So was a planned Draft law on fracking postponed at least until the Bundestag election in September. A typical response to this topic reflects also an opinion poll: then the majority of respondents for the extraction procedure by fracking is though – at their own place of residence but didn’t the majority of respondents.