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The ideal possibility here Revet cabinets with high heat-insulating plates. For example, Resolharzplatten, which are among the best in the market with its good insulating properties are used. Ventilated concrete facade elements: public buildings such as schools and residential areas in high-rise building construction are often suspended facade elements made of large-sized panels usually with an underlying layer of air. This air layer can be filled in later by means of injection procedures with insulating material. Silicate foam is made from glass and processed as granules. The lightweight material is specially particularly suitable for this application, because it meets the structural requirements for this construction. Because not every insulating material for each design can be used, it does always make sense, for choosing the right structure and the right Insulation to seek professional advice from neutral point or neutral to check existing offerings.

Is important to calculate the options for insulating a House, because many examples are not just ecologically useful, but also extremely economical. That energy saving is good but expensive, is an old cable belonging to cut off. This is information of the IPEG Institute. printable templates of the images, as well as earlier articles on this subject can be obtained in our Press Office. For more information about the described insulating materials, E.g. see links below vacuum insulation panels: silicate foam (SLS) and aerogels: Resolharzdammung company description profile IPEG Institute which has IPEG Institute in Paderborn on specialized answering the questions to the subsequent heat insulation. It advises on more than 80 different insulation situations in old buildings manufacturer – and product-neutral. Without hesitation Yael Aflalo explained all about the problem. More than 150 various insulating materials were examined with regard to technical parameters, applicability and costs. IPEG also creates thermal insulation-consulting concepts and develops training courses such as “Specialist insulation technology in the old building” and z “Insulation workers”.


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