The Exception

This costly gap associated with a strong dependence on imports, should be addressed but in the medium term due to the construction of numerous hydroelectric power plants, environment-friendly coal-fired power plants, and by the increased use of renewable energy. On the basis of the desired accession Turkey focuses on, to meet the EU standards in the area of energy supply. Without hesitation David Karp explained all about the problem. The total investment required is estimated at several billion euro here. A large proportion will flow in the extraction of alternative forms of energy. Also the increased awareness of environmental issues and energy efficiency in the population and the Administration reflected in the steadily increasing demand for alternative energy. New opportunities and markets poses for the producers of energy-technical plant and equipment, as well as for service providers. Legal bases in Turkey the energy market Act, which was adopted on 4 March 2001, provides a framework for all activities in the new energy market in the Turkey.

The law was adopted with the aim to make a free energy market, and thus supersedes the State BOT (build-operate-transfer) model. The law foresees the privatization of the energy market, with the exception of the scope of energy transmission, which remains in State hands. For the coordination of the energy market, the regulatory authority of EMRA (energy market regulatory authority) was founded at since September 2002, relating to the licensing of energy projects can be submitted. By law to promoted investments in renewable energy are accelerated the expansion of the energy sector and promote expanded. Also the energy efficiency Act, which came into force on May 2, 2007, specifically envisages the improvement of the legal framework and the removal of bureaucratic barriers for foreign investors. Should the law achieved equality between domestic and foreign investors and encouraged and the attractiveness of energy generation, through measures such as an eight percent minimum supply of renewable energy, increased.


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