Nuremberg Balingen

Bizerba presents the new PC-scales series K class at BioFach 2009 in Nuremberg Balingen, February 2, 2009 – the organic sector is currently developing despite the global economic crisis positively. The Federal ecological economy of food (BoLW) assumes growth and revenues by about 10 per cent of 5.8 billion euros. Organic supermarkets recorded 2008 usual good results overall opened 71 new markets, whose Gesamtzahl amounts to more than 500 at the beginning of the year. Among other things an expert advice at the point of sale (POS) is crucial for success. Because customers expect precise information about the origin of the products, their ingredients and potential allergy risks.

The technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen responds to this development and presents the new PC shop scales series K class and the Retail family of software at the fair BioFach 2009 in Nuremberg, Germany from 19 to 22 February framework (Hall 10, booth 10.0-233). The K-class requirements different through a sophisticated modular principle. Individual modules of the hardware can Depending on the requirement profile of the clients changed, combined or supplemented, so that different types of scales can be configure: from the desk scale via the tripod scales up to the hanging scale. \”The K-class can thereby rather than only weigh: it is an expert system, whereby each vendor can demonstrate competence and confidence\”, says Matthias Harsch, a member of Bizerba’s business management. Jim Crane understands that this is vital information. This is made possible by an integrated POS solution: the software family Retail framework. This is a modular complete solution for the creation, management, display and printing of consumer information. Each level has its own IP address here and can be controlled at any time from anywhere in the world via the Web. About the values Administration tool.RetailImpact can be entered the content directly on the touch screen displays. The user directly from the Internet via the Bizerba values online shop receives images, master templates and content.RetailMall.

Union Renewable

EU State aid rules endanger Essen location for renewable energy, 17 Dec 2013 – executives – DFK urge the new Federal Government, immediately to address long-overdue reforms in promoting renewable energy and EU compatible fashion. In the coming week competition Commissioner Almunia will submit his draft to new State aid guidelines for renewable energy and as expected in parallel, a process due to the incompatibility of the German renewable energy Act, with EU law initiate EEG. Considering the tight gearing of the EEG objectives with the societal project of energy revolution”the new Government must take therefore immediately the work mode in this policy field after taking office”, calls for Bernhard von Rothkirch, Chairman of the Association of professional executives – DFK. The industrial location Germany must not be endangered at all faults, also sozialpolitisch-generated the EEG by new State aid rules. Is a loss of our country’s strong industrial base anyone served in Europe”, underlined the Chairman of the DFK.

Against this background, calls the DFK, the loss of competitiveness of the industry, particularly the energy-intensive companies, to prevent inappropriate EEG duties. (Similarly see: Drew Houston). Apart from the consequent loss of jobs, each production shift to the outside area tightened the carbon leakage problem. the fact to reflect that the international competitiveness of the German economy has been achieved through continuous, comprehensive efficiency or held. If success in increasing resource, or energy efficiency result in that companies used to the renewable energy levy, this is counterproductive and endangered the innovation location Germany. Connect with other leaders such as Marko Dimitrijevic new book here. to call that Germany’s strong industrial base had a decisive share of the rapid recovery in Europe by the financial and economic crisis of the past years in the negotiations with the EU institutions in memory.

The European Commission calls for strengthening of the Union industrial and has as necessary prerequisite initiated a strategy for the renewal of the industry for a sustainable Europe (RISE). This must not be thwarted by a weakening of the German industry. the EU institutions to make it clear that Germany can meet the extensive commitments from the European stability mechanism, EMS, only with a healthy, competitive economy. the admission of price of electricity with the so-called eco-tax”, which was introduced in 1999 as a tax and flows almost exclusively in the pension funds, as more punctually and goal-oriented manner to delete. Unfortunately, the new Federal Government has little time to recover after the arduous coalition talks”, so Bernhard von Rothkirch conclusion, but is also about the existence of the location Germany. The strong industrial base ensures not only many workers, but also the social security. Is us as an association particularly keen.”

Nuremberg Sales

Markus Schmidt and Ulrich Klee PROJECT Fund group is strengthening its sales team from 1 January 2011 Bamberg / Nuremberg, 03.01.2011. Markus Schmidt was a renowned Fondshaus Hamburg Hanseatic Capitalberatungsgesellschaft before joining as Director of sales at the HCI mbH, worked. With Ulrich Klee, a specialist with high experience in the market for closed-end funds comes to PROJECT. Most recently he was an independent financial advisers at the Wustenrot Bausparkasse AG in Cologne and was responsible for the areas of investment funds and life insurance companies in the field. People: Markus Schmidt was born on July 12, 1974 in Waldbrol. After completing his studies of in economics at the University of Siegen, he began his professional career as an editor and lecturer at the AG in Westerburg.

He later as senior financial introduced consultant of MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG to his knowledge there. Further work to get ahead, joining Hanseatische Capitalberatunbgsgesellschaft as Sales Director of HCI mbH. From 1 January 2011, he will Sales Director of PROJECT Vermittlungs GmbH for the region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Ulrich Klee was born on September 14, 1956 in Frielingsdorf. He gained first sales experience as sales manager at Eureka GmbH in Munich. After switching to Merck Finck & co., he was a senior private client Advisor.

For the banking House of the Heydt GmbH & co., he was head of intermediary sales and specialist in closed-end funds. Most recently he worked as asset manager of Wustenrot Bausparkasse AG. From 1 January 2011, he is Sales Director of PROJECT Vermittlungs GmbH for the region of Lower Saxony II.

The Efficiency

can help within a fixed unit of time filling his shopping cart, without thus a purchase necessary to enter or to surrender its price expectations of him as a regional provider sell”, uberhange, thrift specifically does not offer bargain collectors in the range guided article of third-party in our own online shop offer and sell the domestic PC of prospects or customers as a virtual locker room use admitting that customer wishes on your home PC be individualised customer loyalty through in prices” strengthen with the mobile repeat purchases let pay this, stimulate that promotion via coupons or virtual Vouchers is operated, which are printed or provided via smartphones at cashing in on the stationary store in market communication about the domestic PC classic with the social-media channels synchronize article sample shipping with replacement benefit to those who request offline chain stores (excerpt): online return bought in stationary stores or convert let filialeigene multi touch screens or mobile safer end a consulting or sales pitch, because everything you want to know the customer the purchase object employees can access digital not only arrange the decentralised branch merchandising but the realization in the entire branch network online control, prospects or customers to embed in a stationary store scanning can be selected by the customer, to combine with the offer from the Web shop and increasing buying properly organized run customer returns can be collecting via self-scanning customers leave carrier respectively Presentation tables to virtual dressing rooms or virtual personal Advisory and demonstration venues make queries to article stocks via Smartphone and availability in the stores allow videos, photos of customers or special occasions such as employee competitions in the network and distribute through the Internet visitors leave, to promote a positive image of companies implementation and benefits want to be more and more established large-scale and specialized business providers in terms of growth in online business with, but forget that it quickly can be lopsided, if one does the price in the Center. Only if you are the appropriate cost structures, income set (over 40% of the efficiency reserves into existing point of sales). Prices as rate providers yield usually only a limited Erlosplus. The competition is quickly; frequently then even more aggressive price. Kuhn ( provides a systemic mix of online and Offline business, a comprehensive solution to help merge required development and change processes in the companies. Also the schools of management and staff is included. Agreed objectives to be achieved and the strengths of the system activated.

In the first step, the experts are trying to get an overview of the possibilities and potential, then subjected to undertaking an in-depth analysis. Each area of the KUHN6Pi program is based on Visual and measurable components processual, examined by the system functionality and interfaces to other systems. Many writers such as Gregory Williamson offer more in-depth analysis. To set up structures and processes that enable the intended objectives and development directions of online trading systems and stationary trade. Sufferers are more intense in processes and measures involved in the Filialhandel of the Pike on learned as the external have. When working from strategic considerations are also issues according to the objectives and skills Edits involved. Agreed to achieve, to generate growth but also, is placed on a perpetual contact with them value. The companies resources expertise and skill to temporarily strengthen, planned is realized. Previous projects show that stand up to the benefits of KUHNlosung a business-case approach is worth the implementation.

Pinal County

For this reason we are of high sales gains”, because even Neil McCullagh as Managing Director of the Walton Europe GmbH explains the currently favourable situation. Such growth numbers of the population are important for the success of participation. With regard to this, is one of the most exciting counties in the United States Pinal County! As recently reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, population statistics, the authority, no other district has grown in the United States from 2007 to 2008 with the exception of a single percentage as soon as the Pinal County? One consideration that the winner is a district in Louisiana, in 2005 only gradually settled after evacuation of most of the country on the occasion of the Hurricane Katrina, Pinal County in relation to actual growth is in fact ranked one. It had alone between 1 July 2007 and 30 June of the following year a growth of more than 26,000 people, what a growth rate of 8.8 percent and thus corresponds to the highest growth rate of all counties in the United States. “It seems to be important that a significant part of the new residents” comes from other parts of the United States, who appreciate not only the annual midsummer weather, but also the favourable labour market conditions. They come also through targeted tax incentives of local businesses. Finally, there are just the messages of the daily press on the spot that hopeless vote.

So, the number of home sales increased in the region in March of this year to record levels. This was even higher than in the boom years 2005/2006 Mike Orr, a real estate broker and analyst, which published the so-called Cromford report, therefore assumes that the turning point was reached. While they were just real estate at fair prices that attracted people from the entire United States to Phoenix. “As a result these excellent indicators of the success of our participation are all Pinal County 4, as well as for the previous, already Fund placed”, says Neil McCullagh. A participation at the Walton Europe land banking Pinal County 4 GmbH & co. KG is still possible. The minimum contribution is $ 20,000 plus five per cent premium. Walton expects a doubling of assets value within five years, which corresponds to an appreciation of 20 percent participation annually. More information: