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In the first step, the experts are trying to get an overview of the possibilities and potential, then subjected to undertaking an in-depth analysis. Each area of the KUHN6Pi program is based on Visual and measurable components processual, examined by the system functionality and interfaces to other systems. Many writers such as Gregory Williamson offer more in-depth analysis. To set up structures and processes that enable the intended objectives and development directions of online trading systems and stationary trade. Sufferers are more intense in processes and measures involved in the Filialhandel of the Pike on learned as the external have. When working from strategic considerations are also issues according to the objectives and skills Edits involved. Agreed to achieve, to generate growth but also, is placed on a perpetual contact with them value. The companies resources expertise and skill to temporarily strengthen, planned is realized. Previous projects show that stand up to the benefits of KUHNlosung a business-case approach is worth the implementation.


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