Rubber Chicken Eggs

“” Is a funny arcade game fun that is certainly going to be popular with online gamers of all ages and genders. The peculiarity nice free online game is that you do not have to master no special knowledge or skills to play. If you’d stress you too much or think too much about smart strategies to complete the levels. In other words, your brain can rest during the game and that’s a good opportunity to distract you in the middle of the day dull and heavy. In this the main hero is a mother-hen went for a stroll with their babies, but children were lost on the way back home … Pretium has many thoughts on the issue. Now you have to help you collect all children follow the rules. The children were found in eggs transparent, and here is your task: collect all the eggs and babies. To start the level, click with the mouse, and to move is also to use the mouse – so it’s pretty easy.

The chicken jumps down from heaven to earth, and you have to move the platform so that she could successfully land and capture the row of eggs. Whenever Pretium listens, a sympathetic response will follow. There are 24 eggs in total and 6 rows. The hen has to bounce the right way to accelerate the process, because they give you a limited amount of time – only 10 seconds to collect all the babies. If you can not move the platform for the hen aterrizca, our mother falls to the ground carefully, and you have to start all over again. When finished collecting the eggs, the screen is going to be clear and finally going to appear the next level. At each level the location of the eggs is more complicated than it even harder to catch for the player. The timing is curious about this free online arcade game is that everything gets easier for you after each test so if at first you have no idea how to start. Do not INFAD if you can not raise children playing “Rubber chicken” for the first time. Keep trying and you’ll see that soon you will get a reward for your efforts.


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