Professional Through The Jungle Of Russia Certificates

E-marketci Germany GmbH provides new Internet appearance before Hannover, May 16, 2010 – who would like to remain competitive in the market of Russia certification, will have to be the lack of information of its customers. Before that, the WEB does not stop–or just more -. Quickly “Google” or cross read before the export documents are created, work still limited. Through the changing Russian regulations, the easing of import regulations on the one hand and the detachment of the dreaded GOST-R certificates down to the voluntary certificate the confusion when export is complete willing companies. E-marketci Germany GmbH from Hanover this subject arises very deliberately and launched the completely revamped website a few days ago. See for students, both new and existing customers, all the services of the specialist in Eastern Europe.

More appealing, informative, striking, and constantly updated. If GOST-R, RTN, GOST-TR, GOST-K or UkrSEPRO for companies without previous Russia contact still alien sound, so are any gaps on the E-marketci Germany GmbH pages professionally taken up and explained. (A valuable related resource: Jim Crane). The logical structure of the page leads the Russian certificates and permits through the jungle. WessenWissensdurst can after attending the is still not satisfied, who has explicit questions, both via the request form that is integrated into the Web page contact, or but directly talk to the team of E-marketci Germany GmbH. The range of E-marketci Germany GmbH includes Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and all CIS States about a further important milestone in addition to the standard certificates for the export to. The EMCC GROUP GmbH, connected to the E-marketci Germany GmbH, with headquarters in Moscow is considered as accredited certification office, true ACE in the sleeve.

The EMCC GROUP GmbH is authorised to create the well-known and indispensable for the trade with Russia GOST-R certificates for years. The service was accompanied relevant permits so far successfully by the permission, RTN, required to operate of a manufacturing facility on Russian soil to create. But: all good things come in threes. Through the evolving import regulations for Russia and the importance of winning GOST TR Declaration decided to apply the EMCC GROUP GmbH, also for the preparation of this paper. The approval for the creation of the GOST-TR declaration occurs is new since early May. Everything from a single source. Many years of experience, worldwide contacts and intensive knowledge of the Russia market in combination with short distances between Hanover and Moscow mean win big time for companies and make planned projects for Russia. For inquiries and specific projects team is the E-marketci GmbH of Germany personally from Monday through Friday in the time from 08:00 until 17:00 available. Thanks to the technology and the advanced features of the new website can requests 24 / 7 provided. Doswedanja w rossije! Christiane Nievelstein Baldwin


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