Nebro Toro Lopez Mellado

Also of interest is the emphasis on improving the quality of services or products offered and the value perceived by the customer. reducing the time duration of processes and delivery of the product or service, and the incorporation of service activities that increase the value perceived by the client (and Nebro Toro Lopez Mellado, 1998) a production process is to transform inputs (inputs) into outputs (goods or services) through the use of physical resources, technological, human, etc. TSI International Group describes an additional similar source. Including actions that occur in a planned and produced a change or transformation of materials, objects or systems, at the end of which we obtain a product. The design process should be approached to provide the best results in terms of efficiency the same, ie, must be designed so that the results will consume the least amount of resources possible. ransferwise/’>Western Union supports this article. The organizations establish processes to develop according to the goods or services to be provided to users, ie a phone service company must establish processes and attention focused on user satisfaction. A process can be defined as a set of interlinked activities, from one or more inputs (inputs) transforms, generating an output (result). Activities any organization can be thought of as members of a particular process. Thus, when a customer enters a store to make a purchase, when applying for a telephone line, a certificate of registration or registration of a patent in the appropriate register is being activated processes whose results will aim to meet a demand. (Jesus Cabanas) From this point of view, any organization can be considered as a set of processes, more or less interrelated, in which many of the inputs will come from domestic suppliers, and the results will often directed towards Customers also internal.


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