Iberian Garlic Sausages

I believe that if had to choose a single prescription she would be the one of tortillas, although confess that I am not very safe. I like to make tortillas of everything what crosses myself I the mind. And it seems to me that what less appears indeed in blog they are tortilla prescriptions. So there is to put remedy to this. When I received the Inlay products Alexander I gave many returns him thinking what would prepare, if something with the Garlic sausage Barbecue, or the Natural Sausage, or the Garlic sausage Sausage, or the Chistorra, or Bacon, the variety of products on which they have been counting for easy to think about a proposal, but in the end I were decided to use the Iberian Garlic sausage to make a tortilla with onion and artichoke, the result you can imagine to it I took a frying pan and I threw a considerable amount of extra virgin olive oil, I put to fry a pair of onions cut in small pieces with a pair of hard artichokes to which previously hojillas had cleared him.

Troncho of I cleaned it to the artichoke and I put tambi it to fry. I added a salt pinch I put and it with the fire half until it was all fritito good. Later I separated the onion and the artichoke, in the same frying pan, without oil, I gave returns to Iberian garlic sausage small pieces. Immediately I retired. To put a pot with abundant water and to throw leaves of laurel, the bare teeth of garlic, a handful of salt and butter. When it begins to boil to add tubular powders we left and it is cooked during 8 or 9 minutes. Once finished the baking of it grazes, they slip and reserve well taking off garlic and the leaf of laurel.


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