Harald Blatand

Thus Barbie is born famous in 1959 and its denomination comes from the name of its daughter. Bluetooth: The Bluetooth technology, from Nordic origin, takes its name of king Harald, second monarch of unifying Jutlandia and of Denmark and Norway, more known like Harald Blatand. Although this name was translated to English like Bluetooth (literally " tooth azul"), it seems that its original meaning responds rather to the idea of " the great man of skin oscura". Bridgestone: Bridgestone, Japanese manufacturer of tires, began like a familiar company in 1931. Their founders were the family " Ishibashi". And the name of Brigestone comes from the translation to the English of this last name: " bridge of piedra" , with deliberate similar to Firestone, a company acquired by this Japanese company. Budweiser: Towards 1870, the American Carl Conrad discovered an exceptional beer by his aroma and flavor in the recondite German village of Budweis.

Its process of elaboration consisted of inducing the fermentation twice, which gave great smoothness him to the resulting product. It returned to EE.UU with the prescription and there, it registered the mark of Caprabo beer: The history of Caprabo goes back to 1958, when Pere Carb, Jaume Prat and Josep Botet destined three million pesetas and the first syllable of each of their last names to a company that one has become a chain of first order of the Catalan distribution. ECAC: The company began in the Forties of century XX distributing a course by correspondence to enter Schools of Foremen, of there the meaning of its abbreviations: " Training center of Foremen by Correspondencia". Cisco: The name of Cisco, company related to the computer science and founded on 1984, comes from the native city of its two founders: San Francisco, and its symbol is the Golden Gate bridge. Coca-Cola: In 1886, John Styth Perberton de Atlanta EE.UU made a nonalcoholic drink from leaves of cocaine and extract of tail nut, that began to enjoy great popularity by its pleasant flavor and its intoxicating virtues.


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