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For many contracts, there is however the possibility of cashing out up to 30% of the savings assets as a lump sum. Because an injunction before retirement age is not possible, in terms of the maximum age restrictions for all providers. In payment, the services of the Riester must be taxed pension. What variants of the Riester is pension there? The Riester pension may be operated by certified providers (caution: certification says nothing about investment quality and yield opportunities) are offered. These can be banks, investment companies or insurance undertakings. Classic pension insurance, society – or bank savings plans as well as unit-linked pension insurance or Bauherrenmodelle be a distinction. Also, there is a possibility of home financing by means of the so-called “living Riester”-programme. Now, which of these variants but offers the best Earnings prospects for the savers can generate a maximum pension benefits from this? First of all apply: there must be at least the contributions you paid plus the granted State funding for the pension calculation available.

In addition the achieved yield. These can vary greatly depending on the type of investment: as traditional insurance products focus on policyholders and bank or building society savings plans on fixed interest income, which naturally quite low. Often a return above the inflation rate can be, here not even generated what real leads to a loss of financial strength. More premiums or equity-based investments is offered just by the very long-term investment horizon. These are composed usually from a bond-based part of the warranty and a free share of stock funds, the quite returns of 6, 7 or more percent per anno can generate.

Strong financial market fluctuations are compensated by the long investment period and flexible active fund managers over the course of time and lead to a markedly positive earnings. Is a long-lasting downward trend on the stock markets, the Fund Manager will switch to defensive strategies and change these again during recovery. To the Riester pension products itself lacks a sufficient historical period similar fund products must be considered. This shows that so far all above-average yields were obtained with investments in securities over a period of 20 or 30 years. Conclusion the paragraph strong Riester pension is a private retirement pension product with government funding and, depending on the type of investment – also high-return investment. Standard of living can be kept in retirement, is such a contract to recommend any pension-insured workers urgently. Order to maximize return on investment and advantages, the interested party should inform incoming of conditions and opportunities. He can do so at on the Internet free of charge and without obligation for example. More information Riester-rente – detailed You will find information about the Riester pension Riester-pension comparisons – best offer


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