Concept: Idea, mental representation of reality, object, or something similar-thinking expressed with words.-Opinion, judgment, idea that is about something.-appearance, quality, title. One of the authors of Spanish-speaking, more acquaintances of creativity is no doubt Rodriguez (1985). This author defines creativity as something new and useful. But the author currently noted both for its wide dissemination on the Internet, as the novelty of their approaches is Penagos (2000). The author in question considers that the above definition can be incomplete because it does not consider the context, to the person or to the different ways to exercise creativity. In another of his works, Penagos (2005) defines creativity as the generation of products, cog-motions, and/or relevant behaviors for a situation of insufficient knowledge or skill. Creativity is another of the essential qualities of life, of living beings.

Hugging us to human creativity, it seems clear that all people are creative in greater or lesser extent, just as happens with intelligence or beauty. When the language uses this concept as an adjective is referring to a person who presents this quality with special relevance with respect to the rest or the average of the population. Do complex thought: why it appears complex thought? Modern scientific knowledge aims to dispel the apparent complexity of phenomena in order to reveal the simple order you obey. Over the past three centuries have acquired knowledge about the world based on the empirical and logical verification methods. Randall Mays: the source for more info. Have also progressed the errors resulting from the mutilador mode of knowledge organization unable to recognize and comprehend the complexity of the real thing. Likewise the modern scientific knowledge operates through meaningful data selection and rejection of non-significant: separates (distinguished) and une (Associates), categorizes and centralizes. These operations are commanded by paradigms.


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