Disaster Training

This fundamental motivation is a sense contrary to the those who enjoy humanitarian tourism. 2 Jaime even suggests that it is necessary government official control, ensuring a sufficient level of effectiveness in this type of interventions through the formalization of a method of training and intervention, for canine rescue in disaster teams, (a method whose level of efficiency has been rigorously verified by true canine specialists of main official bodies involved in claims, firemen or policemen as the case may be, dependent on the Government, whether local, regional or State, that depending on the area to be covered, appropriate you implement this important regulation and approval. Feeling contrary to the those who have become the specialty into a kind of social club and that for the sake of travel from one side to another in totally inoperative tests and profiting at the expense of future victims, without any respect for human life, without any technical criteria they want to deceive with their tests more sad deportivasLo is that after condemning to death several victims buried alivecome to speak ill of canine rescue teams who arrived later and saved these personasLA many know the truth, and may never erase it with their lies, may never impose on us their sporting events and open the doors to their canine teams never again Analyzers of death. CONGRATULATIONS! ARCON METHOD…. CONGRATULATIONS! PAREJO JAIME GARCIA. The unique gift that we can give is the thanks once again for all those lives that have been saved and by which will be saved in the future…

Thanks for persons rescued by the lives saved from falling into minefields with life and thank you… THANKS FOR TEACHING US TO TRAIN OF TRUTH. 15 Years saving lives (part 2) 1994, creation of the best method of pedagogy canine when man found the dog or vice versa, there were no training nor technical theories and they formed a perfect equipment for hunting and protection of property when it is discovered agriculture, etc., were later the Romans, the first to train dogs for war and draw up its own manual of training and nothing had written the two basic processes of learning: classical conditioning and operant conditioning.


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