Ambient Problems

Assay: The paper of the scientist in the ambient problems The scientist is a person who nor always remunerated for its research in its reply to understand the reality that the fence. Thus its primrdios appear in Old Greece with the daily pay-socrticos as Tales de Mileto, Euclides, Pitgoras, that the search for the stranger has as characteristic to understand the reality for the use of the reason, different of the thought until then kept the mythical one. ' ' It happens that the Greeks, great thinkers, between which Plato (428/27 a.C-347 B.C.) and Aristotle (384 a.C-322 a.C), had introduced philosophical-scientific methods of inquiry (at that time, the philosophy were ' ' embolada' ' with science). Plato considered the abstract as the origin and bedding of the knowledge. Already Aristotle foresaw that the experimentation in the natural world would be basic. But he did not have the metodolgica junction that Galileu introduced: true ' ' logic of the research of conhecimento' ' , whose base is accurately the Scientific Method sketched acima.' ' Had access day It defines its marcantes traces in Science, the scientific method, the scientific method appears with its marcantes traces differentiate that them of the Philosophy, is born with Galileu Galilei.

Galileu (1564-1642) was the starter of the modern scientific method. What it is the scientific method? It is the estruturao of a rational dialogue of the man with the nature, through which it can be established the bases of agreement of the natural processes. But as ' ' falar' ' with the nature? As ' ' perguntar' ' it? More difficult still, as ' ' to understand resposta' '? ' ' Galileu showed that this could be made and that the language of the dialogue must be the mathematics, geometry and everything that becomes quantitative the comment of a phenomenon.


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