Colombian Soap

They say for why the Colombians are happy despite the endless vicissitudes that overwhelm us daily, that tattooed famita we and that tired has cost us to change, say that we love football, soap operas and the reigns, we are devoted to the sacred heart, El Divino Nino, El Senor De los Milagros, La Virgen Milagrosabetter said all Saints Legion, they say we are supportive by nature, cast palante, but just we like easy money and that Yes, we have a very peculiar indigenous malice which identifies us in any corner of the planet. Throughout this vade mecum of typical characteristics of the Colombian reflect in one way or another in the soap operas, a very desirable television product worldwide and that Colombia has never been alien, becoming the last decade in a sort of Latin American Mecca of melodrama. We could also add that Colombians suck cock, laugh about ourselves like us, why it is not uncommon to have a program of humor that takes years of Methuselah on the small screen, there are several account registered in book records guines jokes and films blockbuster in December, good or bad, than those of the librettist and producer Dago Garcia, for this reason, is not nothing paradoxical that Colombia is considered as the most recognized pioneer in the production of the malquerida genre tragicomic or soap opera comedy. In antenna poor is Nuevo Rico, new more successful tragicomedy in recent years in the Colombian girl screen, the most watched throughout the national and consecrated as the star product of the channel that produces it; Suddenly you are part of the bulk of those viewers who sit every night watching your TV to see it after a hard working day, looking for first and foremost leisure and a good dose of healthy anti-stress, or contrary forms part of other so many faithful to the classic soap opera viewers and that hate with all his strength to this supposed degraded species of the melodramatic genre.


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