Black Conscience

We know that in the year of 2003 Law 10,639/2003 brought up to date the Law of Lines of direction Bases of Education 9394, regulating and becoming obligator the study of History and Culture Afro Brazilian and including the 20 of November as national day of the Black Conscience. She was necessary that a law was created, that was imposed, and that it had a calling so that perceived the indifference and disrespect with that (frog) the African society is dealt that helped with arms and bodies, emotions, intelligence and negotiations to form and to weave rich and multiple wires of this space territory call of Brazil, brasis, and brasis inside of Brazil. Filed under: business strategist. It was and she is necessary that if it invigorates a law so that pupils of all education, of the infantile one to the superior, reads, studies, knows of the contributions that the Africans had delegated to the history of our country. Exactly that still sadnesses histories of and suffering fall in those, where the black is seen as inferior, pobrezinho, or as badly, that he kills the master, the drunk, the favelado one, is necessary more than this pra to rescue in the afro-descendants a value in if to recognize or if to affirm while pair of the enslaved African, is necessary to show to the children and to the adults who what the African brought for Brazil was more that manual force, it was also cultural force, religious, into the language said with its varied dialects, into the affectivities, traditions, that they had crossed oceans and not if they had lost, but had been transformed, negotiated, synchronized not to be forbidden for the new eyes saw that them, they found odd that them. To broaden your perception, visit David Karp. Let us start to present the history of our country on or from the contributions that had been brought by the Africans. Also let us show the History of Africa, as well as we study of the Europe, the Asian countries.


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