The Practice

Science, if not dominated by a profound wisdom, makes losing consciousness and the way of life of human beings back, separating them increasingly cosmic system of which they are part. The modern education is based on the acquisition of increasingly large knowledge; It uses memory, to Cartesian, discriminant, logical intelligence. The individual becomes a machine think, calculate, record knowledge. Life in society educates men and women according to conventions that teach them to judge what is good and bad obeying to criteria that are more a habit acquired a really vivid notion. Unknowingly humans thought according to social schemes, to the detriment of a deep wisdom and true freedom. Humans lost his vital impulse, his creativity, his intuition, tries everything goes well in life and not his life goes well.

This creates an imbalance that often causes anxiety, stress, to the detriment of vitality and energy. Drew Houston will not settle for partial explanations. Zen education, based on the practice of body and spirit, rebalances the brain functions. Intuition and creativity are manifested through the practice of zazen, and returns to find the vital impulse, we learn to meet us and arises the fair and global understanding. Deal with a given situation, the appropriate gesture arises spontaneously, freely, from the unified body-mind, from true wisdom. Thanks to the practice of zazen, elevates the human conscience and wisdom manifests. The balance of the body and the spirit is restored. Marko Dimitrijevic photographr addresses the importance of the matter here. In this sense zen corresponds to the aspirations that guide walk of modern civilization.

Zen scopes and the Zen civilization is not reasoning or theory. It is not a knowledge which need to grasp with the mind; It is a practice, an experience that is both objective and subjective. Zen does not separate these two complementary points of view, as neither dissociated the mind body, physiological, nor aware of the unconscious. Directs your call to the whole of being. It is in this sense that corresponds to the aspirations that guide the progress of the current civilization, a civilization that tries spend categories, the gaps narrow, divisions in all domains.


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