Colombian Soap

They say for why the Colombians are happy despite the endless vicissitudes that overwhelm us daily, that tattooed famita we and that tired has cost us to change, say that we love football, soap operas and the reigns, we are devoted to the sacred heart, El Divino Nino, El Senor De los Milagros, La Virgen Milagrosabetter said all Saints Legion, they say we are supportive by nature, cast palante, but just we like easy money and that Yes, we have a very peculiar indigenous malice which identifies us in any corner of the planet. Throughout this vade mecum of typical characteristics of the Colombian reflect in one way or another in the soap operas, a very desirable television product worldwide and that Colombia has never been alien, becoming the last decade in a sort of Latin American Mecca of melodrama. We could also add that Colombians suck cock, laugh about ourselves like us, why it is not uncommon to have a program of humor that takes years of Methuselah on the small screen, there are several account registered in book records guines jokes and films blockbuster in December, good or bad, than those of the librettist and producer Dago Garcia, for this reason, is not nothing paradoxical that Colombia is considered as the most recognized pioneer in the production of the malquerida genre tragicomic or soap opera comedy. In antenna poor is Nuevo Rico, new more successful tragicomedy in recent years in the Colombian girl screen, the most watched throughout the national and consecrated as the star product of the channel that produces it; Suddenly you are part of the bulk of those viewers who sit every night watching your TV to see it after a hard working day, looking for first and foremost leisure and a good dose of healthy anti-stress, or contrary forms part of other so many faithful to the classic soap opera viewers and that hate with all his strength to this supposed degraded species of the melodramatic genre.

Many Air Max

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Venetian Venexia

Wealth is much more enjoyment than in possession. Aristotle have returned to one of my favorite cities in Italy as it is Venice, just two days ago pass their sumptuous Carnival, it is the first time that I have to visit in winter and I had 7 degrees centigrade and with rain, a very penetrating damp cold. The other times I’ve done in the summer. However, it should be noted that it is still an eminently tourist city, many Asians, some Spanish, few latinos, and Europeans from other countries. Despite its time, many people passing along the streets of its Carnival, many businesses, thousands of beautiful masks of the place, yet were seen in many of its stores costumes, and felt the joy of people, fully identified with the charm of this beautiful city. Be considered, that the immense cultural heritage of Venice, summary of its ancient history, was recognized by UNESCO on the world heritage distinction in 1987 for the historic of the City and the lagoon. Venice, built on an archipelago of 119 small islands along the Adriatic Sea, is famous worldwide for its, approximately 150 channels. The Islands are connected by 400 bridges.

Its channels comprise a large lattice mode of streets which depart from the Grand Canal, which is like a great Avenue through which run lots of boats, large and small, latter being known gondolas. Collective transport or boats are very useful. In the old part of the Centre the only means of displacement are boats and walking. Adds us Wikipedia, than Venice (in Italian: Venezia, Venetian Venesia, old Venetian Venexia), the city of the channels, it is the capital of the region of Veneto. It is located on a group of islands which extends in a swampy homonymous lagoon on the Adriatic Sea, between the mouths of the rivers Po (South), and Piave (North), in the northeast of Italy.

Russia Travel

UD has desire to travel to Russia for vacationing. Take into account that in Russia there is crime and there are many groups of scammers. In this article I would warn them to Uds on a mode of the scam have put in practice mainly in Moscow. The mode consists of following dramatization. A person (either a man or a woman) that this walk next to Ud in any Moscow street or another city, at some point tilts and picks up a wallet full of money soil or a package of money (in each case theirs) that can tell according to its thickness approximately 10000 $ or more. That person then offers Ud dividing the money found in two equal parts. It is likely that Ud accept that proposal and then that person (let’s name it first) goes along with Ud to an isolated place to hide and divided what was found.

Dividing the money Ud fall into the account that a person goes to Uds (let’s name it second) and when approaching this explaining aloud that the money found by Uds is yours. It continues explaining that it is the entrepreneur and has lost $20000 and told a woman dressed in Red skirt (for example) that I had seen that Uds had taken that money from the ground. Then the second person calls Ud and the first person to teach all their money. Draw and open their wallets!, Os rasqued your pockets!-so this ordering. I think that in the majority of cases this obedeciendole Ud and take out your wallet as well as the first person. To take the money from his pocket and (or) purse, the second requires giving your money in their hands so that the second viera and compare his banknote of the Bank because each your ticket in a turn has been specially stamped.