Extract Maximum Benefit

Each of us, often, or not too, there are downtimes. This is when we can no longer do what they have done, but not yet started to do that together. Simply put it is the waiting time. At the station, in endless bureaucratic corridors, transport. And this time, especially when it summiruesh together, it will be very significant. Most bydlomanov holds him in cerebral masturbation, or staring blankly at the newspaper. How do know who will be next husband of Alla, or where the beast with Moses kissing passionately at the weekend.

Some much a smaller part, is trying to do something useful to include a laptop, or listening to recorded seminars on personal growth from their mobile phone. Everything is nice. , , . And besides, is not always the right time turns out to be handy book or MP-3 player. Even the sad fate of not wanting to waste your life, you will simply languish.

And this is not good. I want to offer you some simple and practical techniques that will help all aspects of your life take on new frontiers. To use them requires nothing more than wishes. But even if you are well equipped for such cases, it might be for you an excellent alternative. For those who do not want more useless, and even worse to their own detriment, wasting precious time, then all that I write in the next month is definitely for you. In my training I give a lot of things other than work, that's just for their application needs certain conditions. I also want to give you their personal secrets from a category "on the fly."

Pedagogical Sciences

Dialectics of the objective world begins to be reflected in the nascent individual consciousness as a dialectical system of concepts ‘mine – not mine’, ‘mine – not mine – I’. With a separation from their fellow begins his development of the highest quality level of development of individual forms of activity organism – the human mind, which organizes human activity, using all four types of thinking, but the main type used, of course, is a kind of conceptual thinking. Conceptual form of thinking, using all of the above methods of thinking, at a certain level of development gives rise to a new method – the dialectical method of thinking, the essence of which – through associations, in contrast to the union of opposites dialectical system, the deviation from the equilibrium state where (a violation of homeostasis), generating ‘struggle’ of opposites, is the driving force behind the development of all the processes of peace. Thus, the four quality level of development of individual forms of the organism are determined by four kinds of thinking, which are formed by four types of conditioned reflexes. Base flow of these reflections are of a temporary connection forming relationships: perception of images, images of representations of generalized images and concepts. ‘Thus, the temporary nervous connection is a universal phenomenon in the animal world and in ourselves.

And yet it is the same and mental ‘(5) phenomenon, which, forming a specific population and with different forms of excitation, organizes all kinds of thinking, all methods of thinking and, ultimately, all mental processes in the animal world, including to themselves. Consciousness is the set occurring in the human brain, objective physiological processes that provide a subjective reflection of reality and organizing perceived human activities aimed at meet its needs..

Northern Expedition

Therefore, his life was nothing ordinary, banal and conventional. He started as a research scientist, and became a politician, humanist and philanthropist. His efforts in the 20-ies assist Armenian refugees and starving Volga region are no less great a feat as his expedition into the heart of Greenland and the North Pole. Face to face with Saturn, he not only gained knowledge about Meteorology – currents, winds and temperatures, not only tempered the body and will tenfold, but became a greater appreciation for human compassion, became a staunch humanist. Their fear of tests, he converted to force overcome and done the unthinkable – right on the shroud of snow, among the icy silence he grew bright colors of love, becoming a goodwill ambassador in the country of ice and night. Nansen became a legendary hero of Norway, it is considered a great and unique personality. He has many followers and admirers primarily in Norway itself.

But in fact, the influence of his life and exploits are much wider. He has entered not only in Norwegian, but also in world consciousness as an example truly flawless hero. He keeps coming back to us through the centuries, reminding myself of allusions, the similarity of individuals striving to icy peaks. He left a deep imprint in the ocean as a great symbol of the unconscious courage and boldness. Letter from visitors to my site – vivid testimony: "I would like to tell you an interesting, in my opinion, a story – he wrote. – I have a friend – an amazing man, a successful businessman, pohodnik, climber, which constantly pulls to the north of the study. Its 50 anniversary, he met climbing one of the peaks in the Yukon, is now considering to go to Greenland. While people are going south in the winter, he tries to get as much as possible north.

He recently told me that he wants to go to Oslo, and visit the Museum of Fridtjof Nansen. Said that pulls him back. I'm talking about Nansen knew nothing, and he was telling me about him with great enthusiasm. It was evident that He is a big fan of his. Advised to read his notes from the Northern Expedition. When I flew from Toronto to Halifax (I live in Halifax, and this is my friend – in Toronto), the airport had nothing to do download one of the books Fridtjof Nansen, opened it, almost fell into a swoon!