The Federation the International of Motoring (IT TRUSTS) seems emperrada in causing that the fans to formula 1 go to soccer, the motociclismo or the handball. That is the unique logical explanation when it tries to find him felt the pure gibberish which the norm has become that had to be implanted east weekend in the circuit of Silverstone and that, to criterion of many, was going to remain to him potential to Red Bull. Credit: David Green-2011. For more than two years, escudera of Milton the Keyneses marks the rate of the championship thanks to the magic that leaves the outlines of Adrian Newey, that in the RB7 has obtained the perfect balance between speed and takes hold. And that is thanks to the recovery of the blown escapes, a system that already was used in the Eighties and which it motivates that the car adheres to the cement as if their tires were of velcro. Source of the news: : The last blow of Red Bull

Trophy Santiago Bernabu

EP the party will dispute the 24 of August, after the beginning of Liga. Edition of the match of the madridista club in its history will be 33. Real Madrid has confirmed east Thursday that the Turkish Galatasaray will be its rival in the Trophy Santiago Bernabu, that will dispute Wednesday 24 of August, once the team of Jose Mourinho has already made debut in Liga BBVA the previous weekend. Galatasaray will be first equipment Turkish that participates in this match, that will celebrate its 33 edition, although will be the fourth occasion that both clubs face. Before they had done already it in Supercopa of Europe of the year 2000, where it gained the Galatasaray and that same season in the quarters of end of ' Champions League' , where the targets obtained passes to semifinals (where they fell soon before the champion Bayern Munich) after the 3-2 in Istambul and the 3-0 in the Bernabu. The Turkish equipment, that was eighth the season last in its domestic competition, counts in its rows with Czech the Takings Ujfalusi, a old man known the Spanish parish after its step by the Athletic one of Madrid. Initially, the Schalke04 was going to be the rival, but the commitments in Liga Europe disabled the return of Raul to whom outside its stage. Source of the news: The Galatasaray, rival of Real Madrid in the Bernabu Trophy

Multiple Centers

Texas has identified 35 centers in all the state. One is to 48 km to the south-east of the State Capital, Austin. The mortal victims are a mother and her baby. Two people have died and hundreds of houses have been devastated by a fire with multiple centers declared in the state of Texas (the USA) and intensified by the strong winds that the tropical storm brought ' Lee' , according to average Americans inform. One of fires, located to only 48 kilometers to the south-east of the Austin, State Capital, has destroyed hundreds of houses and continues advancing without obstacles in a cattle zone affected by the drought. The spokeswoman of the Forest Service of Texas, Jan Amen, indicated that the firemen continue working in the extinction of the flames in the county of Bastrop, where the fire has destroyed 300 houses and has devastated 17,500 acres.

According to the Cnn, about 5,000 residents were evacuated in that zone since other 1,000 houses were in danger situation, while near 6,000 acres of the natural park Bastrop State Park already they have been consumed by the flames. The night of this Sunday they took place the first victims, a woman of 20 years and her baby, a girl of 18 months that were catched in their movable house near the locality of Gladewater, in the county of Gregg. The Forest service of Texas has identified 35 centers in all the state that were intensified due to the low relative humidity and the strong winds that the storm brought Lee, who touched earth as tropical storm and already has been debilitated to tropical depression, point the channel. Source of the news: Two died and hundreds of houses burned in a fire with multiple centers in Texas, the USA