Maybe you think that it is already late and you have left your abdominals for good purposes of the year coming, or maybe you think you’re going to solve with strenuous daily charts up, down, up, down, after two months they do not produce any visible result, or even you have decided by electrical stimulation which by the way is very appropriate but when the time comesnot before. As well, the path to success when it comes to putting firm abdomen begins with the Organization, follows with patience and ends with constancy. It may seem very abstract, but abdominal fat is sufficiently harmful to our health and to that we take the issue of eliminating it as a job. A job which will also fill us with pride when we see it finished, as everything you do well in life. Vladislav Doronin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The following are some tips to define abdominal:-begins to examine your diet. If you’re above you ideal BMI is that you must lose weight.

You should not skip meals or eliminate food groups. If you have not sufficient knowledge of nutrition, simply decrease the quantities or consult a professional, there are very effective products to help you lose weight without missing a single nutrient you. -Lead a sedentary life is not good for having some abdominal film. Don’t need you obsessions, Ponte a goal that corresponds to what you can get and carry it out: get exercise. -One of the tricks to define more effective abdominal is knowing that soon you must narrow waist. Let to pass the day to day, patience is to be assured that you’re doing what you said you’re going to do, because you know it will work. Frequently Angelina Jolie has said that publicly.

You try to stay positive. -When you have your abdominals at the point that you wanted to, which means that your desire is firm, continues with it. This does not mean that do not go to be able to give a glut of a day, because any weakness should be, but only your constancy temptations proof depends on good maintenance of these fantastic abdominal. I found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.

Norwegian Cathedral

The sky was closed over Oslo shortly after ringing bells of the Cathedral and not already stopped raining all day. Hundreds of people had gathered at the gates of the temple very early to bid farewell to the 93 people killed by ultra-right Anders Behring Breivik on Friday. Under most conditions Vlad Doronin would agree. The wizards offered bouquets of flowers in memory of the victims and sang Til Ungdomen (A youth), a poem written by the poet Nordahl Grieg, Communist, atheist and hero of the Norwegian resistance against the nazis in 1936. There was some crying then and later, but, in general, the Norwegians lived in silence and with a surprising stoicism the memory of the tragedy and although people not left go to the Cathedral, most went ahead, pulled out their dogs for a walk, gave a lap with the children through the park or went to the bars to give an account of a beer. Source of the news:: the author used a prohibited ammunition to cause the greatest possible massacre

Pray Machinery

The precautions and maintenance of mining machinery In China, mining machinery is used widely, small devices such as milling machine and stone crusher can be seen everywhere. Large mining equipment is also rapidly updated. How to properly use mining equipment become a big problem for many businesses and practitioners; only carry out proper precautions and maintenance could we ensure production safety. First, pay attention to maintenance. Credit: David Karp-2011. As well as other machines, the working ability and working duration of the ore equipment are determined by the normal work of the main part and its maintenance.

We need regularly check mining machinery by profession persona. Pray for new machinery, it is necessary to pay attention to check the density; any carelessness is unallowed. For mechanical which has a large working intensity, we should give integrity check periodically. Second, in order to ensure the normal use of the machinery without delaying the construction period, we remind users often reserves wear removals in the warehouse. Fragile parts are generally used in large part workload, operator must carefully observe to ensure safe operation. Jim Crane describes an additional similar source. Third, before using ore mechanical, careful examination is extremely necessary. Non-professionals is prohibited to operate the equipment. Note that the order of operations, we cannot change the operational processes. The production of security is extremely important. We must comply with the operational processes when using mining machinery. Choose to regulate large-scale machinery manufacturing enterprises is also important, Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd., focuses on mining machinery and equipment, in addition the best cone crushers, we can also provide security guidance.

Evening French

According to this paper, a new youth group, democracy Real already, inspired by the pro-democracy movements in the Arab world, used social networks to help organize the demonstrations, which began on Sunday. Repercussions in the European press in Italy, the daily Corriere della Sera also identifies the campsite in Madrid with the Cairo protests, which resulted in the departure of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, but ensures that the ambitions are realistic. In addition, the newspaper La Repubblica says that the protest threatens to affect the municipal elections that will be held this Sunday. The journal points out that, while the PSOE has tried to move closer to the movement, the PP took advantage the protest to attack opponents.Young Spaniards are manifested massively is the owner of French newspaper Le Figaro, which recalled that the IMF had considered them recently lost generation. The Rotary stresses that this mass protest movement marks a twist in Spain, where until now the population rarely has been manifested against unemployment, that is 21.9%, and recalls that it occurs on the eve of the municipal.

For its part, Liberation underlines that the outraged take the Puerta del Sol in a Spain undermined by austerity, while Le Monde insists that Spanish Youth refuses on the eve of the elections. Official site: Yael Aflalo, New York City. Evening French emphasizes that between the campers in the Puerta del Sol there are students, unemployed or families in difficulties. CTO in the electoral campaign in the Latin American press, the concentration in Sun occupies a prominent place in the international news sections. In Mexico, El Universal collects testimonies from the Puerta del Sol and ensures that mobilizations yesterday had an important cto in the electoral campaign, since it considers that both the PSOE as the PP you are worried that this social protest movement spread to the undecided, especially to the PSOE, which, is the estimated, lose more votes. On the other hand, the Argentine daily Clarin titled the outraged they defy the police and continue in the plaza, and explains that young people are the main protagonists of this spontaneous movement that renounces any partisan affiliation, since it stresses that youth unemployment in Spain is the biggest in Europe, with a scandalous 44% while the unemployed are reaching 5 million. However, it also stresses that also have joined the rebellion many pensioners, the eternal victims, who have seen their pensions reduced by clipping and austerity plans put in place by the Government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. Source of the news:: the protests of the outraged star in the front pages of the international press

The Process

In each situation in each call, on each claim in each response that I share with a client, in every interaction with my group work, etc., choose to motivate me or discourage me. This explains in part why the same action – for example an incentive – has much value to an average for another person and scarce for a third. Front of an incentive there is a trial of personal value, an internal conversation and a result which consists of a decision: motivates me not motivates me. The scheme is as follows: observation/Opinion. Action. Result when the results – in this case the level of motivation of staff of the contact – do not satisfy us, leaders and the organization went looking to actions that are behind these results. In the most of the time when we see this correlation, change some of those actions by others for best results, something that in fact happen at least for a time. Rarely headed instead look to the ideas that we have about the motivation, what is meant by motivation, what we say and especially what value judgements sustain it.

If our idea is that the motivation is something external that happens to people, which depends on the actions that the organization conducts to achieve will and persistence, there will be some actions that we will be possible (especially work to generate incentives on a permanent basis) and not others. If our idea instead is the motivation of our people there in a very personal component, beyond the organizational efforts in this regard, there will be other new shares that will be possible from this point of view, but that are outside the first option. For example: create spaces for listening and sharing about what motivates our people individually, to discover the discussions and the value judgments they make about what motivates them or not, raise the motivation as a skill that can help develop, and as such can be coachear, etc. Raise the level of motivation of individuals of the contact-center is a very good goal of coaching work. What can coaching do then?: Detect conversations of no-posibilidad in relation to what motivates.

Help design new conversations that open new possibilities. Develop the self-motivation as a skill of emotional intelligence. Identify the views that lead to be unmotivated. Generate new opinions based on broader motivation visions. Identify the associated emotions to the motivation. Generate motivational emotional contexts. Designing motivational talks. Recognize the process of decision about what motivates. Personally intervene in that process. Change the place of victims by the people responsible for our motivation. Decrease stress. Increase the satisfaction of customers. Etc. The proposal isn’t to put aside efforts by encouraging its people to perform the actions that are expected, but adding possibilities for intervention at individual and group level to develop self-motivation organizational. To conclude I believe that leaders in general and in particular areas of contact, have enormous potential to work to raise and maintain the motivation of its people, using tools of coaching, talking, learning more about its people, asking, listening, showing and proposing motivation as capable of self-development. Sources: ontology of language. R Echeverria. Ed. Granica original author and source of the article.


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On the other hand the democratization of information technologies is a priority in this atmosphere of Egoverment, availability of access via computers, telecentres technologies are important, Telecenters (activity launched in Peru and which has spread in other countries). That is understood as e-Government the use of the technologies of information and communications (technology ICT) that perform the administrative bodies to improve the services and information offered to the citizens, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public management and substantially increase the transparency of the public sector, as well as the participation of the citizens. E-government emerges in this new economy where globalization, information technologies, the Internet and the knowledge flood the developing countries and are located in all places in homes, universities, business schools. E-Government aims to use information and Internet technologies to make more efficient the State that this mean that public enterprises, ministries are converted into E-ministerios, or ministries electronic reinventing their processes designed to meet the needs of the citizen who is the client who has to be satisfied, the times have to reduce them and costs also, the citizen has moved away from public service or go to the ministries to do paperwork, or public entities, by reason that simply today day we can take us both there is much bureaucracy there is much complexity. It is important that the State entities to be modernised and leverage information and Internet technologies as well as private enterprise, there are models such as business-to-business for example to interact by connecting two computers to buy or sell between two companies, as well as we have the business to the consumer when a supermarket offers a portal a Web page for consumer customer buy through it, or the interaction between two consumers, alike in the Government environment have the possibility of interacting under various modelsa model is from Government to Government, State companies that are interconnected to give a unique service surely then gives to the citizen through a portal link to other websites or Web pages, but the citizen from his Office from his home will be able to interact with the State to do paperwork, surely make payments or make purchaseson the other hand we have government citizen where the citizen makes formalities directly and the other case is of government companies, is important to this topic that required the modernization of the State in terms of reinvestment of the processes must change policies, you have to change procedures, need to change the information technologies.

Louis Victor Prince

The Bioresonance is a procedure of diagnostic and treatment developed in the 1970s by two Germans, the physician Dr. Morell and engineer Raschel; Hence, the first devices in honor of the initials of their surnames were known as teams Mora. Over the years the technology has allowed to develop instrumental increasingly more sophisticated until reaching the current Optima Bicom the more modern in its class in the world. Technological evolution has enabled medicine explore fields increasingly more precise and fine; What in the middle ages there were assumptions have given way to reliable and accurate study of the human body, its organs structures and functions; the cells; the DNA as the carrier of genetic information; the genes; as well as learn about viruses and bacteria; toxins etc etc when talking about DNA imagined a large molecule; the molecules are constituted at least by two atoms and these constitute the part more small and indivisible matter. Although we belong to this biomolecular world seems logical to suppose that medical research especially in what regards to chronic diseases require going beyond this plane biochemical to find answers. QUANTUM physics: deals with the properties of the particles more small (subatomic) atom and posits a dual aspect of the matter; on the one hand as a particle and the other as radiation (Nobel Prize in physics 1929 Louis Victor Prince de Broglie) PHOTONS: constitute the cornerstone of electromagnetic radiation; they are small particles of light (how many) that moved to 300000 km/sec… INTERCELLULAR communication: in these last 20 years researchers from various parts of the world and especially the German biophysicist Prof. Fritz Albert Popp agreed that cell photons radiate a light Photonics that allows the cells to communicate with each other, exchanging information, logically to the speed of light.

Prof Popp developed a Fotoamplificador to register light Photonics (which is so low-intensity 10000 000 000 000 000 000 (more weak than the light of day) that is able to register a light of a candle a10 km away. With the help of such ultra-sensitive equipment could prove and postulate: biochemical reactions in living things are addressed and governed by extremely weak electromagnetic waves the Nobel Prize (1984) Prof.Carlo blonde director general of the Institute for nuclear research in Geneva has enunciated: usually only consider the matter because we can see it and touch it; much more important are the interrelationships of the quanta, which they argue matter and determine its structure. This postulate has opened new horizons for the understanding of the mechanisms of regulation in living beings. LIFE: according to current knowledge is possible only if three matter, energy and information requirements.