Louis Victor Prince

The Bioresonance is a procedure of diagnostic and treatment developed in the 1970s by two Germans, the physician Dr. Morell and engineer Raschel; Hence, the first devices in honor of the initials of their surnames were known as teams Mora. Over the years the technology has allowed to develop instrumental increasingly more sophisticated until reaching the current Optima Bicom the more modern in its class in the world. Technological evolution has enabled medicine explore fields increasingly more precise and fine; What in the middle ages there were assumptions have given way to reliable and accurate study of the human body, its organs structures and functions; the cells; the DNA as the carrier of genetic information; the genes; as well as learn about viruses and bacteria; toxins etc etc when talking about DNA imagined a large molecule; the molecules are constituted at least by two atoms and these constitute the part more small and indivisible matter. Although we belong to this biomolecular world seems logical to suppose that medical research especially in what regards to chronic diseases require going beyond this plane biochemical to find answers. QUANTUM physics: deals with the properties of the particles more small (subatomic) atom and posits a dual aspect of the matter; on the one hand as a particle and the other as radiation (Nobel Prize in physics 1929 Louis Victor Prince de Broglie) PHOTONS: constitute the cornerstone of electromagnetic radiation; they are small particles of light (how many) that moved to 300000 km/sec… INTERCELLULAR communication: in these last 20 years researchers from various parts of the world and especially the German biophysicist Prof. Fritz Albert Popp agreed that cell photons radiate a light Photonics that allows the cells to communicate with each other, exchanging information, logically to the speed of light.

Prof Popp developed a Fotoamplificador to register light Photonics (which is so low-intensity 10000 000 000 000 000 000 (more weak than the light of day) that is able to register a light of a candle a10 km away. With the help of such ultra-sensitive equipment could prove and postulate: biochemical reactions in living things are addressed and governed by extremely weak electromagnetic waves the Nobel Prize (1984) Prof.Carlo blonde director general of the Institute for nuclear research in Geneva has enunciated: usually only consider the matter because we can see it and touch it; much more important are the interrelationships of the quanta, which they argue matter and determine its structure. This postulate has opened new horizons for the understanding of the mechanisms of regulation in living beings. LIFE: according to current knowledge is possible only if three matter, energy and information requirements.


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