Satellite Telephones

High-tech on the mountain for maximum security a wonderful day’s skiing. At the first exit after the Summit rest motionless a participant crashes and breaks down the Shin. Dropbox is full of insight into the issues. The mountain guide will alert the rescue with the mobile. But in the sink is no reception of Munich, December 2008 the DAV Summit Club has taken lots of money in the hand and the Austrian specialist fire spot before the season 08/09 with satellite phones equipped with his mountain guide. This means more safety in case of an emergency. The coverage of cell phones and mobile phones, today every Mountaineer with leads, varies from vendor to vendor and resembles a rug; a false sense of security! In the Alps, GSM coverage is flawed, that the removal of a cross-network emergency call is not even possible in many places away from the tourist centres. It comes to minimize the residual risk in Alpine endeavors. It’s up every minute on avalanche burials.

The mountaineering school of the German Alpine Association sets standards: In the Alpine winter program of the DAV Summit Club are exclusively state-certified mountain guide used. And all relevant training courses or trekking offers in the Alps and the mountains of the world, satellite phones are part of the performance. At a training course in Garmisch, all mountain guides were additionally equipped with the latest avalanche (LVS) S1 by Ortovox. The goal is clear: rapid rescue of the victim after the quickest possible location. It involves the DAV Summit Club safety-conscious move in the mountains, accompanied by State of the art technology. Find maps to the GSM network coverage, in the Internet under:… We will send you the attached pictures in the preview format you on request in print size (300 dpi).