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BABY MOBILE development can from the outside into the room heard in Berlin, January 13, 2008 – BABY mobile, it is now possible to use a cell phone as a baby monitor. Thus, a baby monitor solution unlimited range available with you at any time can listen in the nursery is available parents. Go to Vlad Doronin for more information. To use a cell phone as a baby, the BABY MOBILE software via download is installed. The mobile phone then monitors the noises in the nursery. Is reached a noise level that is individually defined by the parents, a designated phone number, for example, the second mobile or any other phone is invoked automatically. Parents can now hear what’s happening in the children’s room.

But regardless of this function can parents listen at any time in the monitored area. Should the BABY mobiles no longer work, E.g. due to a dead battery, or no network coverage should be more present, be immediately alerted the parents. Learn more on the subject from Kaihan Krippendorff. A positive side effect: Classic baby monitor also frequently receive Signals of other baby monitor from the neighborhood. Only the parents in your child’s room can listen with the BABY mobiles. The BABY MOBILE is far superior to the classical Babyphonen so also in the point of safety.

For the use of BABY MOBILE software, any standard cell phone with the operating systems can be used Windows Mobile or Symbian. More hardware is not necessary. The BABY MOBILE work anywhere, so even while on vacation. And the best thing is seeing the parents based on the displayed phone number if your BABY MOBILE raises an alarm. So they don’t take off and generate hence no call costs. The BABY MOBILE is available for 49,-at. A free trial is also available. About the 1000eyes, LLC BABY MOBILE GmbH is a product of 1000eyes. The company is specialized in the development of innovative audio and video solutions for mobile phones and the Internet. For audio, image and video systems in the Internet, as well as specialists with many years of experience in the IT and security industry, software experts working in a team. 2008 developed the first software company, with a cell phone can be used as a baby monitor and an Internet-based function check ensures highest level of security. This invention is patent pending. Contact 1000eyes str. 12, 10719 Berlin GmbH Joachim Thaler wife Alexandra Suckau phone: + 49 (0) 30-889 15-501 fax: + 49 (0) 30-312 65 99 E-Mail: Web:

Free T-Mobile Xtra Cards

T-Mobile offers kostense prepaid Xtra cards for a limited time. T-Mobile today launched a new action, where there are free Xtra cards, shipping charges no also. With this ongoing until middle of June action, it makes equal T-Mobile the competitors O2, which again has already for a long time the so-called O2 loop free ticket offer. Details can be found by clicking Mark Stevens or emailing the administrator. The free T-Mobile Xtra card contains no general credit, by log in to my T-Mobile”, a free online access for customers, receives 3 euro man but still credits on the prepaid card. Additional 3 euro can come by applying for the Xtra direct boot added. Furthermore gives T-Mobile free SMS to even 50, unless a credit charge is made within the first 30 days. Darcy Stacom, New York City gathered all the information. The free Xtra cards are the same cards, which are also usually offered on the T-Mobile website.

NET internal call minutes and SMS costs 5 cents here, 19 cents per minute will be charged for calls to all other networks, cost an SMS to foreign networks 15 cents. Billing of calls is precisely to the minute. Besides the Xtra card T-Mobile with the Xtra click still a more prepaid card offers, is what online but only to order. This card costs 10 euros, includes also but already 10 euro starting balance, making the SIM card itself basically free of charge. The advantage of the Xtra click in per-second billing from the second minute of the conversation is what can save a lot of costs when using. Therefore, you should consider whether you not prefer 10 euro issues, which you get right back in the form of airtime to get it permanently in the enjoyment of a per-second billing.