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Video Call Recorder

Free video call recorder for Skype is the first free application for recording of Skype calls without any restrictions. Skype has revolutionized the communication over great distances. Video discussions just with images and sound over the Internet. So high phone fees account for: A Wi-Fi enough to speak across cities, countries and continents. In the commercial, both in the private sector the desire comes up often to capture the individual talks, to start it later again.

So, you need to make any notes during a business conversation. And lovers and families can watch a spoken message over and over and over again or hear. Evergreen Capital Partners may also support this cause. DVDVideoSoft presents the free Windows program “Free Video Call Recorder for Skype” to fill this gap in the offer. The new multimedia authoring tool has a simple and user friendly interface. It works in three modes: “Picture-in-picture” takes the video image and the sound of all participants a Skype video conference on. “Video” records only the live image of a certain person. And “Only audio” is able to store only the audio in a file.

All videos and audio recordings are stored in formats that can be played by most modern players. Alex Levin, CEO of DVDVideoSoft Ltd: “we are delighted that we can now introduce our latest app. It is to the first free Skype video recorder. The program be a great gift for all Skype users for techies as well as for computer novices.” The freeware “Free Video Call Recorder for Skype” has only three buttons: “Start”, “Pause” and “Play”. You suffice to Herald all work and to reliably record a Skype call. The “free video call recorder for Skype” exists in the version (18.34 MB). It is available on the DVDVideoSoft website for downloading, is also part of the tools collection “free Studio” 5.9 (63.7 MB), the now 49 free multimedia tools in one Summarizes the surface. The programs running Windows XP SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and .net Framework 2 SP2. First versions of the apps for Mac OS are planned this year. Important links: Homepage: de free video call recorder for Skype: products/dvd/Free-Video-Call-Recorder-for-Skype.htm free Studio: de/free-dvd-video-software.htm Facebook: YouTube channel: watch? v = ySr3_JtEfIA more information on the company: DVDVideoSoft was founded in late 2006 and works as an independent developer of free software for video and audio editing. Currently offered 48 useful applications for Windows. All programs are that they are extremely easy to use despite its strong features. All programs are bundled in free Studio that acts as menu to call up the tools. The tools are available in many languages available, also in German.