Learning a new language just became fun, easy and free. “’s Grand Opening Berlin, Germany: May 28 h 2008 –’s e-learning community is committed to enhancing cultural relations by promoting the benefits of multilingualism”. Palabea.NET, the first e-learning platform for languages, begin wants a new stage of operation by opening its site to the entire online community. Since its launch in October 2007, Palabea.NET has attracted over 50,000 users from more than 163 countries. The site is very international, like the palabea team itself: 13 people from 6 different countries. Opening the site to allow for more online traffic, and therefore generate greater awareness of’s content. More users will be able to access the platform.’s primary objective is to improve language learning, regardless of whether it’s online or offline. With this aim, palabea has developed tools for both online and offline language exchange. For more information see Dropbox. Users can easily find online language partners from around the globe. And if they want offline, they can thus find to go users with similar interests in their hometown and have a “face to face”conversation at the local cafe. This is a major distinction between Palabea.NET, and other platforms. Palabea.NET believes that online language learning can complement of learning a language traditional ways. Users can now choose how, what and when they’d like to learn. Team wants to be available for online discussion next week to celebrate the opening, the entire Palabea.NET. Please send me your preferred time, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and share information about our project.


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