Empire Development

In essence, they represent only a “technical instruments”, “facilities”, man-made exclusively to meet the needs arising under the pressure of the desire to receive. All development framework for the development of mankind like the development of one person passing the stages of childhood, youth and maturity – when he actually uses the originally projected a potential. Let us examine the characteristic differences of each of the three phases. Above all, remember that the development of mankind based on the development and updating of domestic needs, ie on the growth of the ego. The larger the ego, the more needs, which is the impetus for the development of intelligence and the ability of a deeper perception of reality. Consider briefly the stages of history. Dates here are approximate, only to delineate main stages: desire 1.Pervichnye (4500 – 1200 years. bc.

er.) 4500-2400 bc. er. Civilization of Sumer and Akad 2000-1200 bc. er. Babylonian Empire. The era of the Patriarchs During the first period of humanity as a whole was loaded only in the immediate bodily desires.

More developed human desires aspiring to power, honor and knowledge is revealed only in singles. Therefore reached at this stage of development represents a store of accumulated impressions difficulties of existence and nothing more. Over the centuries, mankind has developed unconsciously. At the end of this period was born of Abraham – the first who grasped the integral picture of nature. His achievement symbolizes the transition to the next stage of development. 2.

Kant History

17). Then when evaluating Kant and its prepositions regarding History in its Cosmopolita vision perceive the iderio of a historical philosophy, therefore when trying to consider a universal History with the proposal of telos being been this, which the species human being when reaching its morality for complete would reach a Cosmopolita State, being that thus it places a totality that all this species human being this subjects to the coercion of the natural laws and that it would the same develop in apex this direction of morality displayed in its argument, that would be for Kant the development of reason where the human being would choose the things that granted as of all the species well and not it particularismo, not defending its particular interreses, therefore the line of the philosophy of the history that Kant considers is that the species human being lives in an antagonism, in a chaos and did not reach the complete morality and the way, that is, the progress alone will occur through the capacity of civil relation enters the States that instead of giving emphasis in its disputes of power a citizen in its full morality will develop and, therefore arriving a Cosmopolita society, therefore it can – if interpret that the moment that Kant wanted to produce a History Universalthe Cosmopolita bias it this using of artifices of the philosophy of the history, which gave the telos created the conception of what the humanity who would be reached through the improvement and evolution of this species through the natural laws and of its proper disposals would be necessary to reach the considered objective that had been given to it of course, it is necessary that only they are worked and thus reaching its maximum state, a moral species that coexists in a Cosmopolita period of training, thus giving to an only direction for the species human being making a linear bias of evolution as successive and improved throughout the displayed passage, in a synthetic way Kant used the following way for its conception narrative of a universal History, using the following method the Correlation of the philosophy of history to its elements as the teleologia for creating a history of the humanity in a definitive context description, which reduces the point of the diversities of the humanity and an only direction, on a goal narrative, it constructs to a historical narrative of History Human being above of the particular experiences, giving to telos the arrival point, being this for Kant the complete morality that would bring the Cosmopolita Period of training in the society. . .

Physical Formation

It is not that the surrounding one has limited the cultural degree of a people, can be said in the maximum who the environment limits or favors the outcrop of this culture, that is, it is not enough to have the tools, she is necessary to know to use them. The domain of the man on the nature becomes it much more dependent. The modern man it is not seen without being able to make use of the electricity, computers, automobiles and of cellular telephones. A total relation of dependence exists, not only with environment and yes with the culture that imposes to it that if you do not use artifices to become cmoda and the more agile life, you it is exceeded and obsolete. The environment is contacted as soon as is indispensable so that culture exists and so that this can be developed, therefore, is of the environment is the cradle of the cultural development of the peoples and the accumulated knowledge, that is, the experience is the determinative factor so that a bigger exploitation of the busy environment exists. Culture and personality the formation of the personality depends on some factors that can analogous be on to the substance cousin of the personality, as the physical elements, the temperament and the intelligence that to a large extent is passed by a hereditary succession relation. Although this personality that if form in the familiar seio is important, is not exclusively responsible for the formation of the personality of one to be, the environment or the society where this being is inserted it goes to exert much influence in its formation.

The school, the friendships and the type of society that this being is inserted go to exert much force on this formation of personality. One of definitions places it to the personality as a set of mental qualities of the individual, that is, the total addition of its rational facultieses, perceptions, ideas, habits and conditional emotional relations. The difficulty of if defining personality are in the fact of that hour sees the individual as to be individual however as social unit. Individual behavior is the particularitity of each one, its skill of being, way to act, already the behavior as social unit is related with what the society waits of you, in the way that waits that you have and behave in the social environment as norms and laws, that is, standards to be followed by the pertaining ones of this way.