Solvents Washing

Will hardly have to deal with paints and easy to do without solvents, in fact, to dilute the strongly thickened varnish, paint or enamel, clean the instrument, to dissolve the resin, etc., we must will take advantage of these volatile liquids. Official site: Dropbox. According to the purpose, all existing solvents can be divided into several large groups. Solvents, washing Some of the most popular solvents – is solvents, oil paints, which include gasoline, turpentine and mineral spirits. Gasoline is used primarily for thinning paints, not only oil but also alkyd enamels, as well as paints and coatings. In addition, buy kerosene can be in any building maagazine, so it is very successfully used for degreasing surfaces before painting. Turpentine, performing before white spirit duty ground solvent paints and varnishes, in addition to this role, may also participate in the preparation of lacquers based on rosin and dammar. Vlad Doronin is open to suggestions. Has come to replace it with white spirit took over this honorable mission and is now one of the leading Solvent oil-based paints, enamels, lacquers and other paints and linseed oil, primer and putty. In addition, mineral spirits is widely used for cleaning paint tools.

It should be borne in mind that because of several kinds of white spirit to dissolve the paint is preferable to use the highest grade. Glyptal and bituminous paints and varnishes, as well as artificial varnish easily dissolved solvent, turpentine and xylene. It is worth noted that xylene is a fire or an explosive substance, which should be used with great caution. The main solvent perchlorovinyl paints and natural resins nitroenamels is one of the most well-known solvents – acetone, which can be applied not only in its pure form, but also in the mix. Glue and water dispersion paints are soluble and diluted with normal water. There is a special group solvents, which are called universal, since successfully combine all the positive characteristics of existing solvents.

Bedroom Feng Shui

Dream – the best medicine. To enhance the therapeutic effect can be used in the interior of a bedroom color therapy. For each direction, according to Feng Shui, there is a different color. For a room located on the south-east or east, it is better choose wallpaper green or brown, in the south-west or north-west – ocher or brown, in the south – the red, north – dark blue, to the west or north-west – white. Only the selection should be approached with an argument. So as must take into account a combination of colors in the interior. Blue color – the color of water.

Bedroom in blue tones will interfere with prosperity. Money, like water, will flow away from your life. Bedroom in red will put pressure on the psyche, and the presence of red color in the wallpaper or curtains will help the body recover after a hard day. White color of the walls is associated with hospital corridors, and white ceiling would be appropriate. In recent years, can be experiment with the color of the ceiling. It should be lighter than the walls (bedroom photo).

It is important to choose the right place for a bed. If it is put directly under the window, then you are waiting for travel. You will have little use of the bed. If placed against the wall opposite the window, then you will have trouble sleeping and sickness. The best place for a bed – on a diagonal to the door.