Bedroom Feng Shui

Dream – the best medicine. To enhance the therapeutic effect can be used in the interior of a bedroom color therapy. For each direction, according to Feng Shui, there is a different color. For a room located on the south-east or east, it is better choose wallpaper green or brown, in the south-west or north-west – ocher or brown, in the south – the red, north – dark blue, to the west or north-west – white. Only the selection should be approached with an argument. So as must take into account a combination of colors in the interior. Blue color – the color of water.

Bedroom in blue tones will interfere with prosperity. Money, like water, will flow away from your life. Bedroom in red will put pressure on the psyche, and the presence of red color in the wallpaper or curtains will help the body recover after a hard day. White color of the walls is associated with hospital corridors, and white ceiling would be appropriate. In recent years, can be experiment with the color of the ceiling. It should be lighter than the walls (bedroom photo).

It is important to choose the right place for a bed. If it is put directly under the window, then you are waiting for travel. You will have little use of the bed. If placed against the wall opposite the window, then you will have trouble sleeping and sickness. The best place for a bed – on a diagonal to the door.


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