Super Bowl Media Center

The model of the Daktronics Super displays provided atmosphere at the Super Bowl Media Center also the gigantic booth which shone with two superlatives Dallas Cowboys… .Ein Feast was the replica of their fabulous new stadium in Arlington, Texas. The second was the model of the Daktronics super system, at home in the Sun Life Stadium of Miami Dolphins, which gave fans a sneak peek at the Sunday. Not only the venue of this year’s Super Bowl was waiting with the Super Daktronics displays. Together with the partners GoVision, Daktronics, CorporateMagic and Todd succeeded events, generate hot atmosphere and anticipation to the Committee. GoVision, one of the greats in turnkey and customized mobile solutions and proven partner of Daktronics, installed an approximately 1.52m x 3.0m display with the use of 14 modular Daktronics PST-6i-b LED panels. Other PST-12HD LED Panele have been in the four cornerstones of the stand of of info, each measuring approximately 3.6 m x 1.2 m, mounted. On all panels around the clock shown videos made the whole thing to the absolute fan experience and the State of the Dallas Cowboys to a “must-see” focus.


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