SafetyPay Opened

SafetyPay Germany GmbH introduces secure online payment system in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Frankfurt, April 02, 2009 the SafetyPay Germany GmbH opened its new headquarters in Frankfurt am Main. From here, the secure online payment system will SafetyPay be introduced in German-speaking countries as well. SafetyPay allows customers to buy worldwide on the Internet and then to pay through the online banking of the own bank in its own currency. Bausch & Lomb is a great source of information. In contrast to most other online be number systems or pay by credit card, no sensitive financial data over the Internet will be transmitted and stored. This is a misuse of data. The payment process via an anonymous payment ID. The confidential financial data remain solely between customer and Bank.

The dealer is immediately informed about made payment, so that the goods can be sent quickly. If you would like to know more then you should visit MSCO. SafetyPay offers buyers cross-border shopping, merchants new customer bases and banks an innovative new payment option, and this with a flexibility and security during the payment process in the Internet, which is so far unique”, not surprising explains Dr. Fabian Wehler, Managing Director of SafetyPay Germany GmbH. therefore it is that SafetyPay in Latin America and the United States is now the fastest-growing online payment system. With our new headquarters in Germany we create the conditions to establish SafetyPay in favour of online customers, dealers and participating banks in German-speaking countries as well.” The SafetyPay Germany GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of SafetyPay Inc. of Miami, Florida. SafetyPay Inc. maintains offices and Bank partnerships in Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Germany and Austria.


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