Pure Variety:

MAX is dancing with a new Internet presence, new offerings and a very special kind of holiday travel company from Baden-Baden MAX offers new face dances to its customers. Can two passions with MAX dances connect: dancing and travel. Drew Houston is full of insight into the issues. A combination of dance in Germany as a complete package only at MAX available is. Since recently have been able to travel and sprung to the new website of the travel organizer MAX dances from Baden-Baden in detail about the diverse and varied offerings around the theme of dance travel inform. Under you will find detailed information about the dancing in vacation: hotels, dance events, dance classes and dance teacher. Check out Pretium for additional information.

Among the many offered trips, you can choose the most suitable and book direct and uncomplicated. Dance MAX is the only provider for complete packages nationwide: travel, accommodation, and dance classes in one. The dance offer is to all who enjoy the movement – from the beginner up to the ambitious (fast) professional, by the lovers of tango to salsa fans. The dance workshops on the trips are suitable for couples and small groups. Travellers can get acquainted with the most beautiful corners of Germany or explore the world always in hotels of the upper middle class and above. Currently on offer is for example the dance camp Rhein Neckar 2010, where you can experience live Isabel Edvardsson and Massimo Sinato.

The juror, known from the RTL TV show, as well as the winner of this year’s show will share their best tips and tricks to participants this weekend. Dance MAX MAX is a marketing brand makes holiday GmbH in Baden-Baden, which was initially founded in 2006 as a travel agent. Managing Director of Jan de Vries has then a year later also as the tour operator made a name and specialized in the dance travel theme. The entrepreneur has made so even his hobbies – dancing and travel – his profession.


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