Professional Practices

Perform a few internships or training in the workplace is a very effective tool for the development of competencies and professional skills, it is an acknowledged fact. Many employers have the perception that the newly graduates do not have experience in the labour market, so that the candidates who have completed a placement are more attractive. The greatest benefits for young people who go through a program of internships is that they have an opportunity to see first-hand the business world, this is what employers are assessing when making new hires. The experience in a particular job is not only valued but it also appreciates the realistic vision of the business world, professional skills development, training and professional background. Represents before also entering an organization, as a result which the company can include it in the pool of prospective employees with real information about their powers. Business practices are one real opportunity to learn the skills and habits of professional success. These are some of the most important values that can be purchased through a job for students about to graduate: A strong ethics professional, indispensable for the company. Often in interviews prompted the candidate to expose situations where your ethics and morals can be contrasted.

Also respect the deadlines, customers or colleagues even in complicated situations are some of the qualities that can be learned in the workplace. Responsibility and confidence although not always awarded to fellows responsibility on issues vital to the success of a project. It is crucial to have a mentor who help build these qualities at the beginning of the career. Be positive, have initiative and motivation for the company that the new candidate has autonomy as soon as possible and show motivated is a necessity to save time, efforts and resources. A positive attitude ensures a work environment Nice, where projects are carried out compliance deadlines.


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